Poor Me


Kathy has been sick all week with an intestinal bug.  Her food consumption for the week consisted of things like yogurt, ginger ale, crackers, chicken noodle soup, and pretzels.  Why then am I feeling sorry for myself?

Well, the fact that she couldn’t really eat created problems for me.  For example: on Tuesday I had to take my car to Harrisburg for an inspection.  It also needed four new tires and some work.  Usually Kathy would go with me.  She wasn’t up to a trip so I had to go alone.  Poor me.

This wasn’t so bad, but it was what happened after the appointment that was so sad.  I was at the dealership for two hours until they finished the work.  I was done at 1:00.  By this time I was hungry because I had had an early breakfast.  Usually Kathy and I would go out for lunch after the appointment.  This time I had to go by myself.  How sad that I had to sit there enjoying a delicious meal while Kathy was at home unable to eat much of anything.  Poor me.

On another day we had to take a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some pills for Kathy.  She was feeling better but still couldn’t eat too much.  We usually go out for a meal after we pick up the pills.  Our favorite meal on a Friday is a bowl of lobster bisque and a slice of pizza.  Well, since Kathy still wasn’t feeling up to par all she had was a small cup of the soup while I had my slice of pizza and bowl of bisque.  I felt bad eating while she watched.  Poor me.

The worst thing, however, happened the day before this bug hit her.  I had found a recipe for dessert bars that called for a boxed yellow cake mix that was then doctored up with some peanut butter, cream cheese, caramel topping, peanuts, and chocolate chips.  I make a 9 x 13″ pan of them and they looked delicious.  After taking out a dozen to give to our friends we still had about two dozen left.  Kathy and I each had two that evening and they were delicious.

The next day her stomach problems hit and she couldn’t eat them without problems.  It was up to me to finish them.  I had to eat the two dozen that were left all by myself.  Poor me.

Thankfully Kathy’s stomach bug has passed and she is back to eating normally.  I am glad. I guess I will now need to make some other kind of snack so that we can enjoy it in the evenings with our cup of coffee.  Poor me.

Oh, this is what the bars looked like.



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20 responses to “Poor Me

  1. Oh yes, poor you! It is difficult doing things by oneself when you are so accustomed to sharing. I’m sure Kathy will make it up to somehow!

  2. This was funny and poignant. I hope Kathy os feeling better and you have both recovered from her ordeal.

  3. You had a rough week all right. And those bars! Yumm! Poor you! Maybe Kathy can come up with a special treat AFTER the weather straightens out. Spring’s a comin’! Phil said so!

  4. We all suffer when someone we love is ill. Sounds like you had a rough week! Glad you survived (and glad Kathy did too!)

  5. Oh, how I have missed reading about your and Kathy’s adventures! Glad you are bot back to normal and planning for new desserts to make!

  6. Very funny! The suffering you went through – eating all those bars. Glad she is feeling better. Now don’t you get sick!

  7. It is rough when your partner is ill and you can’t do all the normal things you usually do together. Glad to hear Kathy is feeling better. take care of yourself!

  8. Poor you, indeed! Eating the bars must have been the worst part. 😉 Glad Kathy is on the mend, and that you won’t have to eat alone anymore!

  9. Hope you two are enjoying your coffee and the new snack. Poor you, I’m sure you got busy and made something new.

  10. Terje

    Poor Kathy. Poor you. I am glad to hear that Kathy is feeling better and you two are back doing things together. I hope you get to enjoy some delicious meals and treats later this week.

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