Finished – Finally


It’s only been six moths but at last our kitchen remodel is finished almost.  The guys are here today installing the second door we bought.  Although this door is not part of the kitchen it is part of the remodeling plan.  I know I have posted updates about the remodel as it was happening, but I don’t remember posting the end result.  I could check previous posts but I am too lazy.

Anyway, although it seemed to take forever Kathy and I are very happy with the end result.  As a reminder, here is what our kitchen looked like before we began this project.


Although we still have things to put back and pictures to hang (we are waiting until the doors are completed just so nothing falls because of vibrations) these pictures should give you an idea of what we now have.

First off here is the refrigerator area before


and after.







The sink area before


and after.


The stove area before


and after.


Again, before


and after.


As I said, we also got a new door.  Here is our old one.


And the new one.  This is cream colored on the inside and chocolate on the outside.



So, even though it took months to complete we are happy.  Now, on to baking some Christmas cookies.


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17 responses to “Finished – Finally

  1. How beautiful! I love white cabinets in a kitchen. This remodel was definitely worth the wait.

  2. Wow! That looks amazing. And it is ready just in time for Christmas!

  3. Looks beautiful! Here’s a tasty treat you may enjoy whipping up in your new kitchen:

  4. The finish in clear sight, what a lovely holiday gift! The new kitchen looks wonderful. I adore the the knick-knacks in the soffit space.

  5. Judy C.

    Such a great way to celebrate Christmas- in your new kitchen. It looks great and I can smell the aromas of those cookies. Enjoy!

  6. I love the cabinets and the flooring! I wish for a white kitchen. Our current kitchen was pretty new when we moved in 6 years ago, so there’s no need to replace it just yet. But the cabinets and floor and countertop are quite dark. Glad you are finally finished! 🙂

  7. The white cabinets have made a huge difference; the kitchen is so much brighter. We did something similar about 3 years ago and I really have been enjoying the openness of the white. I spend so much time in my kitchen (right now for example) that every penny spent was worth it Congrats! Now enjoy it…and Happy Holidays!

    • Because our kitchen is small and dark we went with the light color to brighten things up. We are happy. Definitely worth the expense and upset. Happy Holidays!

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