Chalk Art


A few weeks ago we had our Dauphin County School Retirees Fall Luncheon.  We tried a new venue this time, The Skyline Family Restaurant.  We had the back room for our group and three choices for our main entree – chicken, salmon, or pasta.  I chose the chicken which was delicious.  Those who chose one of the other choices also said the food was good.

As with all of our meetings we had a guest speaker.  This one was exceptional.  Elva Hurst is a chalk artist.


I have seen artists work in oils, acrylics, water colors, pencils, but I had never seen anyone draw a picture using chalk.

Elva started out talking about her life growing up Mennonite.  She spoke of how her life was different from that of the English.  She spoke of how her husband, a pilot, was flying over Manhattan on 9/11 and what it felt like waiting to hear from him and know he was OK.

After about 20 minutes she began to draw.  With patriotic music and news clips playing in the background she picked up her chalk and started.  It was fascinating watching the different colored lines she drew take shape into a picture.  After 20 minutes she was finished.  I couldn’t believe the end result.




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8 responses to “Chalk Art

  1. Terje

    This sounds like an interesting experience. I have never been to a dinner event where an artist draws in front of an audience.

  2. Sounds like an innovative kind of retiree dinner. The chalk drawing is intriguing…has such a special effect. How would you describe it? I’d say maybe dreamlike?

    • Couldn’t get pictures, but when she turned on the black light the picture really looked amazing. She left the picture with out group and we gave it to our outgoing president.

  3. So beautiful. Here too we have artists who draw to the tune of some music. When they finish it is like seeing the imagination of the artist. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Wow! This is not at all what I was expecting. Amazing! I really enjoy hearing artists talk about their lives and processes. So illuminating!

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