A New Appreciation


I have always had a great appreciation for nurses.  Similar to teachers there are many hats they wear…charter…pill dispenser…vitals taker…listener.  After this past week I would also have to include abuse from patient taker.

Kathy was in the hospital for the last six days.  She had by-pass surgery on her leg. It kept cramping every time we would do any kind of distance walking.  They tried opening it with a angio which worked for a while, but then it blocked again.  Surgery was the next step.

Surgery went well. She spent three days in the cardiac care unit (CCU) and was then transferred to a medical floor.

That is where the antics began.  There was a woman two rooms down from Kathy whose mouth did not stop.  She was constantly yelling for the nurses wanting her vapor cigarette, her walker, dinner (after just having breakfast) to go to the bathroom to get out of bed, etc.  You get the picture.  Her language which was directed at the nursed was not always the politest.

She was going to call her lawyer because of the way she was being treated.  She did not want certain doctors in her room because they were rude to her.  The list goes on.  The nurses, being professional, couldn’t and didn’t respond in the way I am sure they would have liked to.

Kathy and I always tried to be pleasant when they came into Kathy’s room.  We figured they needed a calm place if only for a few minutes while they were in the room.

I understand that this woman might  have had other issues beside the medical one that got her admitted to the hospital.  Maybe she couldn’t help what she was saying.  I say this because she could be calm and nice one minute and the next she would be yelling and spewing obscenities.

Most people I know do not like being in a hospital but sometimes it is the only place to get the help we need.  Nurses are there to help us, make us as comfortable as possible, carry out the doctor’s orders.  They are not our servants and need to be treated with respect.  In the few times I have been in a hospital patients treat the nurses respectfully.

I would like to think the the woman I described is a very rare exception.



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17 responses to “A New Appreciation

  1. O’dear – I feel for the nurses – it is a hard job! Also glad that Kathy is healing and it sounds like at home. Tell her to rest well and heal!

  2. Terje

    I hope Kathy is feeling better. I agree that nurses do a very challenging and often little appreciated job. It must be emotionally very draining when demanding patients verbally abuse them. Hopefully they have more patients and their relatives like Kathy and you who show kindness.

  3. I’ve had some
    Amazing nurses during my few hospital stays. I am always grateful for them.
    Thankful Kathy is doing better.

  4. It is truly amazing what nurses do to help their patients and I am in awe of the patience they have to handle people that you describe. I, too, hope that she is a rare exception, but I’m afraid that is not always the case. Praying that Kathy will heal quickly and ready for your next adventure.

  5. My friend’s daughter is currently undergoing treatment for cancer; her nurses are simply incredible. I am sorry to hear that anyone is treating any nurses poorly, but your thoughtful reflection on what the other patient is going through provides a new lens to view her behaviour. I hope that your kindness and the nurses’ experience helps them maintain that perspective.

  6. Nursing seems like a very hard job! My mom was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago, and I was so grateful for the nurses–who were all good-humored and informative and kind. I am glad that Kathy is recovering well!

  7. I don’t know how they do it.

  8. Glad to know Kathy is recovering well. Let her know virtual friends really care. No doubt there would be appreciation for the nurses from the two of you and sympathy for a patient having a really bad time. Thanks for the support of the tough job nurses have (I have a niece who is a nurse.)

  9. Human nature is the same everywhere. Some people are so rude to others , I wonder about their reaction if people are rude to them. Our regards to both of you.

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