Visiting a Museum


It is Labor Day.  The wedding is over. Everyone but us has left Santa Rosa.  What do we do?  Well, during our walks around Santa Rosa we saw statues of Peanuts characters everywhere we walked.

Outside our hotel there was Lucy.


By a coffee house there was Snoopy.


Woodstock was in his birdbath.


Why all of these Peanuts figures?  Well. we found out when we stopped in the visitor’s center.  Charles Schulz lived in Santa Rosa.  His studio wasn’t that far away.  The Charles Schulz Museum was a five minute ride from our hotel.  We knew how we would spend this final day.  We visited a museum.


On the way in we were greeted by Charlie Brown.


The first thing you see on entering is this giant wall mural.


On closer inspection yo notice that the mural is made up of Peanuts comic strips.


10 years worth of daily strips to be exact.


On the wall you see the evolution of Snoopy.


Here is Schulz’s drawing table.


And his desk.


I didn’t know that “Peanuts” started out as “Little Folks”.  Charles Schulz did not like the name “Peanuts”.

Schulz painted this wall in his child’s nursery when he lived in Needles, before he became famous.  Subsequent owners painted over it.  One owner decided to remove the paint inch by inch and discovered this painting which was then donated to the museum.


In the courtyard you can see this.  Any idea as to what it is?


Why, it is the kite eating tree.


Anyone familiar with Christo’s work?  He did the running fence.  Here is a piece of cloth that was used in that piece.


It made its way into one of the comic strips.


Now the museum has this compliments of Christo.


We took a walk to the gift shop and saw this sidewalk art.


What big heads they have.  However, if you stand in front of them and snap a picture this is what you get.


I am so glad we stopped in at the visitor’s center and found out about the museum.  What a perfect way to end our stay in Santa Rosa.



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12 responses to “Visiting a Museum

  1. What a fun way to spend some time! Those characters are so fun. It would be great to kind of get behind the scenes with Schulz. We used to have a book called The Gospel According to Peanuts.

  2. I had no idea such a museum existed. What a treat!

  3. Oh the fun to be discovered when one has a little extra time to slow down. What a fantastic place!

  4. I love this post! What a treat to read this and enjoy all the photos. I try to make time whenever I travel to get to museums, because I find them so enriching and restorative.My first choice will always be art museums, but my favorites are often the unexpected ones that pique my curiosity and wonder.

  5. Terje

    This is probably one of the most joyful sculptures and museums anywhere. I can imagine anyone seeing the sculptures feeling a smile stretching over their face.

  6. Charles Schulz brought so much joy to all of us…and still does. Thanks for sharing this joyful discovery!

  7. Erika Haak

    Love it!

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