Sightseeing in California


Well, we got to Santa Rosa a day ahead of schedule.   We were so glad to get to our room. It looked real inviting.


Looking out our window the next morning we saw we had a view of the fire pit which was lit each evening.  I knew we would have to find some time to sit around it and just enjoy.


We now had a day with nothing planned.  What should we do?  Should we just rest after six days of driving?  Should we walk around and explore Santa Rosa?  Turns out we didn’t do either of these.

We went down for breakfast because we bought the package deal and the breakfast buffet was included each day.  Besides, it was only an extra $25.50 per person per day.

As we were waiting in the lobby in walked our nephew, Jason, and his fiancee, Marissa. his parents, my brother and sister-in-law, Marissa’s parents, Dayna and Mike, and Marissa’s grandparents, Frances and Nick.  They were surprised to see us because we weren’t scheduled to arrive until later today.

After greetings and hugs Jason told us that they were all planning to do some winery touring and he invited us to join them.  Of course we said yes.  At 10:00 we met in the lobby and loaded into the van Jason had rented.  Our first stop was the Foley Sonoma Winery.  This was the venue for the wedding.

The vineyard and mountains would make a beautiful backdrop for the wedding.  This is where the ceremony would take place.


Of course, this area will look much different on Sunday when decorations would be in place.  Here are some more pictures of the winery.

After some wine tasting we were off to Francis Ford Coppola’s winery.  Impressive first view.

Since we got there around noon it was a good place to have lunch.  We had a nice table out by the pool, had a delicious lunch, and enjoyed a bottle of Coppola’s blended wine.


These are the tables we put together for our lunch.


After lunch we toured the museum.  The first display was that of costumes used in Coppola’s film, Dracula.


Imagine drinking wine from this glass.


Of course it wouldn’t be a Coppola museum without a tribute to The Godfather.  Here is the Don’s desk.




How about a car that was used in the movie?


Celebrating the movie.


Here are his awards.


Of course, his daughter, Sofia, was also represented.  Here are two ships from her film about Marie Antoinette.  The woman in front of one is Marissa’s grandmother, Fran.




One final shot.


Since this turned out to be longer than I expected I will stop here.  Next week, our visit to San Francisco.



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16 responses to “Sightseeing in California

  1. How fascinating! You’re describing my home region, but I’ve never been to the Coppola winery (I like their wine, so I should definitely go sometime). Hope it’s not too hot there.

  2. What great luck meeting up with your family for the day! Sounds like a wonderful way to relax after six days of traveling. Did you bring any new wines home?

  3. I had the good fortune to live in nearby Santa Cruz on the coast for three years. My venture into the wine country took place about forty-five years ago before this museum existed. Back then there were only a few wineries, and they were very small scale. I must tell my son about the Coppola museum; he’s a movie fan and is working hard to become a cameraman here in NY.
    I am always envious of anyone who gets to visit California. I have never fully recovered from having to leave there to find work in New York, my home.
    Glad you were having such a good time!

  4. Terje

    Winery and so much more – you know how to enjoy life. And you clearly appreciate the opportunities to visit places.

  5. Even though I live in an area with lots of wineries famed for their Pinots, I have never visited any. You’ve made me wonder why. Maybe the next time I have family in town, I will make the effort.

  6. Looks like he’s opened his own museum! What a great way to display all of his collectables and awards. Maybe I’ll consider that some day. 😉

  7. I loved all the pictures you posted to make your trip come alive. We were just out in California in July and saw this same area. It sounds and looks like you were fire free during your travels!

  8. What better way to enjoy the end of a long drive across the country – wineries and sightseeing. Thanks for taking us along on your journey!

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