NYC Trip


As we do every year, Kathy and I spent a day in New York to celebrate our birthdays.  Our trip always includes two Broadway shows. a matinee and evening performance, dinner, and a stay at the Marriott Marquis.  As we always do, we had a great time.

We took the 9:10 Amtrak from Middletown.  It is a 3 hour train ride but really relaxing.  The train arrives in NYC at 12:15 which gives us enough time to have a small lunch, get checked in, and get to the theatre for the 2:00 matinee.

Our favorite place for lunch is the European which is on 8th ave. between 42nd and 43rd streets.  Because Kathy is having some leg problems, more of that in a future post, I decided to get her some lunch while I took the bags to the hotel and checked in.  I would come back after I took care of things and then have lunch.

Because it was only noon our room at the Marquis wasn’t ready so I checked our bags and headed back to join Kathy for lunch.  After we finished eating it was of to the theater for our first show.  Since we were going to 44th street it was just one block and around the corner.

We saw


The show was pure Disney.  Many Wow factors.  We both really enjoyed the show.  Here is a picture of Kathy that I took inside the theatre with the stage as a backdrop.


After the show it was off to dinner.  We had reservations at Osteria al Doge.  Great food.  Dinner was delicious and made more enjoyable because our nephew, Jason, and his finacee, Marissa.  It is their wedding that we are traveling to in a few weeks.

After dinner we still had plenty of time until out 8:00 show.  I thought we would go back to the hotel and see if our room was ready.  It wasn’t.  6:00 and our room still wasn’t ready for us.  The clerk at the check-in desk was upset that this happened so she worked at getting us a $50.00 credit on our bill.  This worked for me.

Jason wanted to take us out for a drink to celebrate our birthdays.  We thought we would go up to The View, which is on the 48th floor of the hotel and has a revolving lounge.  For all o the tines we stayed at the Marriott I had never been to the View.  We went up and I had my chocolate martini.


Here are Jason, Marissa, and Kathy enjoying drinks.


A picture of Manhattan from the View.


If you notice that thing jutting out from the building in the back, that is a balcony.  No way I would step foot on that thing.

After drinks we went off to our second show.


What an uplifting show.  Highly recommend this.

I know there are many different kinds of jobs in this world.  Looking out of our room window on the 45th floor I saw a job that there is no way I would ever want to do.


I would say, “Let the rains wash the windows.”

After breakfast at Juniors we just spend some nice leisurely time in the city until it was time to head down to the train station for our 2:10 ride home.

As always, we enjoyed our day in NYC and look forward to our next trip, whenever that may be.



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16 responses to “NYC Trip

  1. Had a good laugh over “Let the rain wash the windows.” I’m with you there! I really enjoyed reading about your trip. This sounds like my perfect day in NYC too, especially if that room had been ready earlier for a little nap! So glad the shows were good.

  2. I concur. “Let the rain wash the windows.” And what fabulous shows. LOVE NYC!

  3. What a great birthday celebration!! I would not step foot on that balcony or be a window washer either!

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthdays! I love tagging along (virtually) every time you head to NYC.

  5. Such fun! I love that picture of the window washer – brave fella!

  6. What a great trip. Come From Away is coming to Portland in February with Broadway Across America and I really want to go. i can’t buy tickets yet because, at this point, I’d have to buy tickets for the whole season and I am not sure I want to do that.

  7. A fantastic birthday celebration for both of you. Two shows delightful lunch and dinner topped off with a chocolate martini! Who could ask for more!

  8. What a lovely trip. I love NY! I grew up there and love going back to visit. It is not the city I grew up in, but now that it has been revitalized it shines like the city I grew up in.

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