As teachers asking questions is second nature to us.  It is how we get our students to think, to reason, to look at possibilities they may not have thought of exploring.

Sometimes these questions have a specific answer.  What was IT in A Wrinkle in Time?  We need to recall details.

Other times there is no specific answer.  Why was IT not destroyed at the end of the book?  We want our students to come up with their own ideas and defend their reasoning behind that choice.

Questioning doesn’t stop just because we leave the classroom.  As adults we still seek answers to questions we have.  Sometimes the answers are clear.  Sometimes these questions have no obvious answer, at least not to me.  So, if any of you have an answer to any of these questions please let me know.

1.  Why is it that on the interstate someone passes me at as high rate of speed a quarter mile from an exit, gets back in front of me, and slows down only to get off at the approaching exit?

2.  Why is it that the person with the shrillest voice who is always a flat or sharp away from the note being sung the loudest in a group.

3. Why is there always one person in church who when reciting the Our Father or any other prayer is always two or three words ahead of the congregation and why is this person always sitting behind me?

4.  Why does the printer always run out of ink or paper when I only need five more copies?

5.  Why does plastic wrap always stick tightly to itself but not  to the dish I am trying to cover?

6.  Since we are on things that stick, why is it that those sticky price labels placed on bakery items not stick to the plastic container but form a hard and fast bond with the inside of the plastic grocery bag?

7.  Why do things break at night when there is nothing you can do about it until the next day?I

8.  Why do gas prices seem to come down the day after I fill my tank?

9.  Why  do the cats pick the middle of the night to wake  me up with the sound of a furball?

10.  Why do people hang up just as I answer the phone?



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10 responses to “Questions

  1. The universe is a wonderful and mysterious place. If you ever get the answers to these questions, please let us know!

  2. I too often wonder about many of these same questions! ha ha

  3. Ahh, The mysteries of our lives. Sometimes all we can do is shake our heads and shrug our shoulders and realize that there are some questions that have no answers. So why do we keep wanting to know the answer that is always illusive – human nature, I guess.

  4. hehe, this would be a good optional topic for slice of life Tuesdays. Why aren’t there optional topics for SOL Tuesdays?

    • Don’t know. It is always nice to have a list of ideas to choose from when we can’t think of a topic for a slice. I like to file ideas other sliders write about for just those times.

  5. Ha ha ha! Your “whys” really made me laugh. Maybe “someone” doesn’t want us to think we’ve got it all figured out and to keep us humble.

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