Kitchen Remodel #2


Tony, our contractor, and his son, Chris, worked on our kitchen three days last week so I though I would post an update.

Wednesday was devoted to deconstructing the kitchen.  All cabinets had to be removed.  Since the house is around 40 years old this process took longer than normal.  You see, the cabinets we had were built in place.  They were not just units screwed into the wall.  This meant using hammers, crowbars, chisels, and of course a sledge hammer to knock off the counter top.

When Tony removed the one corner base cabinet he found something that I can honestly say he didn’t expect to find and neither did I. In the open space between the back of the cabinet and the wall were these two items.


How they got there I do not know.  I can only guess that when the house was originally built the workers got thirsty and had no place to throw the empty cans.  I guess they didn’t recycle back then.

Anyway, after a full day of ripping and smashing all the cabinets were out and some of the new ones were checked to make sure they were the right color and that they were in good shape.




Day 2 was devoted to getting the wall cabinets in place.  While Tony got the rest of the cabinets out of their boxes Chris had the fun job of collapsing the boxes so that they could be taken over to the recycling center.  He then had to take the doors off of the cabinets.  It took all day, but by the end of the workday on Thursday our wall cabinets were in place, minus their doors.





Friday the base cabinets were put in place and most doors were put back on.  In the midst of this work our flooring. lights, stove vent, and back splash were delivered.  When the guy brought them he asked where we would like them.  Because the cabinets were in place we now had room for these  things.  So I told him.  Oh no.  This is an outside delivery only.  He can put them on the driveway but that is it.  It it up to us to get them inside.  They didn’t tell me this when they called with a delivery day and time.  Luckily Tony and Chris were there and we got everything in.

There was one slight glitch with the cabinets.  At the last minute, we decided to change the corner base cabinets from angled cabinets to diagonal cabinets.  It was no big problem except it did change the dimensions of some of the other base cabinets.  One was not changed on the order so we now have a cabinet that is too big for the space set aside for it.  Tony called Home Depot and Taylor got right on it.  A new cabinet was ordered and placed on rush order.  The one that is too big is just sitting in the middle of the floor.




In case you are wondering, the small upper cabinets will not be getting doors.  We are going to use them as display areas.  Kathy has some Hall china and pitchers that were her grandmother’s.  We also have a collection of cookie jars.  We figure we can change what is displayed as we get tired of looking at them.

We will see how things go this week and I will post another update next week.



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16 responses to “Kitchen Remodel #2

  1. What an exciting (and sometimes frustrating) time! I remember the tearing out and rearranging. Sounds like you have two great guys putting it all back together. Soon you’ll have a brand new kitchen.

    • It is inconvenient washing dishes in the bathroom sink, but we have set up a system that works. The guys are really good workers and things are looking good.

  2. What a disaster to live through, but it will be beautiful when it is completed. Looking good, so far!

  3. We did this a few years ago – you will love it when it is done. I did not change out the cupboards thou. Just a big job – I did floor, counter tops and appliances. Good luck! and enjoy!

    • Our cabinets were showing wear so they need to be redone. Re thought about just resurfacing them but found out it was almost as expensive as replacing them.

  4. I love display spaces in kitchens. They reveal a lot about the kitchen’s owners!

    I’m sure it’ll look lovely when t all comes together.

  5. Thats quite a project! It will be fun seeing pics of it when it’s all completed.

  6. So fabulous. Now you have a mini-island in the center! LOL! The joys of surviving a remodel. “This, too, shall pass! More funny stories ahead . . . or not!

  7. Wow – a lot was done in just a short time. Your kitchen looks amazing all ready! That’s what I’d love to do to ours – just start over.

  8. I love the idea of display cabinets at the top! Although this has disrupted your life, I bet you will be thrilled when the project is done.

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