Cutting the Grass


Cutting the grass is just one of those things I do without giving it much thought.  It has to be done so about once a week I get the mower out and give the lawn a haircut.  Yesterday the weather cooperated.  It was warm but not too hot.  The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze blowing.  It was the perfect day to be outside.

Generally I am in my own little world when cutting the grass.  I zone out.  Yesterday, though, there were things i noticed that I usually don’t give much thought to as I walk the yard.  Cutting the grass yesterday was a feast for some of the senses.

Of course there is sight.  I find it a great accomplishment to see the patch of grass that needs to be cut get smaller and smaller as I make my way back and forth.  Maybe if I cut the grass more than once a week the difference between the cut and uncut grass wouldn’t be so noticeable.

I also noticed that our hosta is up and growing nicely.  It always makes a nice border to the driveway and front stoop.


I also noticed that there are many buds on our rhododendron.  Although the flowers are not open yet the promise of what is to come is.


Two flowers that are in bloom are the bleeding hearts and azalea.



As I was cutting the back yard I noticed that the ground cover around our tree was also in bloom.  I don’t know what it is the little yellow flowers are a cheery sight.


As far as hearing goes there is the sound of the mower, the constant whir of the motor dulled by the wearing of ear protectors.  They also dull the sound of traffic, cars, trucks, and motorcycles that travel the road in front of our house.  Without the protectors and the mower off the chirping birds can be heard.  Maybe they are telling me to stay away from their trees.

My sense of smell was hit both in the front yard and back.  We have lilac bushes growing along our driveway.  The purple and white blossoms are pleasing to the eye, but it is their fragrance that I noticed each time I made a pass by the bushes.



It might be time to cut a few sprigs and bring them into the house.

Out back we don’t have lilacs but another little flower.  This always takes me back to my childhood because my grandmother had many in her yard.  Although small and low to the ground, their fragrance hits you every time you walk by them.  I am talking about the lily of the valley.


I know that these are all spring blooms and won’t last for long, but as long as they are here cutting the grass is a pleasurable experience.


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26 responses to “Cutting the Grass

  1. You noticed a lot! I don’t cut the yard…I am glad that chore is not my task. You seem to enjoy it!

  2. You managed to take a mundane task and turn it into a full-fledged enjoyment of nature. Now that is mindfulness at its best! We have the same things going on in our yard right now. After the bleakness of this past winter, I can’t get enough of the color.

  3. Finding the pleasures in what you see, hear, and smell . . . can shift your mindset. It’s not a task to be “endured” but a task to be enjoyed!

  4. I used to cut the grass, but I no longer have a yard. I agree with you about zoning out on the job. But you certainly noticed some lovely surprises. I love lilacs and lily of the valley…Spring is such a wonderful time of year.

  5. You have described Spring so well. I love this time of the year and I always enjoyed mowing grass, but Hubby takes on this task now. Thanks for sharing your yard with us.

  6. Your yard is at least a month ahead of my yard. My lilac bush doesn’t even have leaves yet, and the hosta are barely out of the ground. You’ve given me a glimpse at what I have to look forward to! I’m like you – I love seeing that patch of grass that needs cutting get smaller and smaller.

    • It is interesting to see the progression of growth in different parts of the country. Even an hour south of us things things are more in bloom while an hour north of us some things haven’t started yet.

  7. Erika Haak

    I love your flowers and could imagine how each of them look and smell…we have lilacs, lilies of the valley, azaleas, and bleeding hearts too! Love them!

  8. If only the scent could come through, I’d be in heaven. I love every plant you featured, what a treat to discover these changes in such a short time.

  9. Alice Nine

    Ah! We both did write along a similar thread! I love lilacs… however, some members of my family do not do well around them. My mother really liked lilies of the valley, so I think of her whenever I see them. Maybe I should plant a few in my yard. I will need to see how they do in our location. Spring is so beautiful — the colors, the delicate flowers, and their fragrance that hangs heavy in the evening and early morning air.

  10. Love your sense post – your flowers are gorgeous! My lilies of the valley and lilacs aren’t up yet – can’t wait.

  11. Great noticing. You made mowing a positive experience! Lilacs and lily if the valley. Love them!

  12. The flowers are beautiful and thank you so much for sharing those details In your garden. They give us so much pleasure,

  13. What an amazing post about taking a mindless chore and turning it into something special and full of wonder! I loved this peek into what’s growing and blooming in your garden. I will confess that I was very relieved when my son got old enough to do the mowing! I am happy to pay him to get out there and do it!

    • I d enjoy seeing the flowers bloom year after year. I also makes me want to go out and plane some seeds in a blower bed we have out front.

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