An Unexpected Surprise


Kathy and I are friends with the organist at our church and her husband.  In fact, if all four of us are at church on Saturday evening we usually end up going out for dinner after Mass.  It is not unusual for dinner to last two hours.  Luckily the servers at the places we pick don’t mind us sitting and talking over coffee and dessert.

There is also another couple, Jerry and Ginny, we have gotten to know at church.  Although he and his wife don’t join us for dinner we sometimes see them wherever we decide to go for dinner.

As we are waiting for Bob and Rita after Mass Jerry usually asks Kathy and me where we are going for dinner and our response is that we won’t know until Bob and Rita join us.  Jerry then tells us what he and Ginny plan to do.

Generally when we happen to be at the same place for dinner we kid each other about giving our bill to the other.  On Saturday the six of us happened to be at Behm’s Family Restaurant in Tremont. We got there first and got our table.  When Jerry and Ginny got there he came over and talked to us before sitting down.  Of course we had the usual banter of giving our checks to the other.

Jerry and Ginny finished first, came over to talk before leaving, then paid their Bill and left.  We were there another half hour before we were ready to settle our bill.

When Bob and went to pay the amount rung up was not the same as that was on my bill.  In fact, it was $10.00 less.  I questioned our server and he told us that Jerry had put $10.00 down on both Bob and Rita’s bill and Kathy’s and my bill.



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21 responses to “An Unexpected Surprise

  1. What a lovely surprise. With all the bad news in the world, it is small acts like this that fill my heart.

  2. How nice! It always feels good to do an unexpected kindness like this–and it feels good to be the recipient too!

  3. How kind! It’s good to know there are generous people out in the world doing random acts of kindness.

  4. So nice, especially since it was a surprise.

  5. Alice Nine

    What a lovely surprise! I bet Jerry and Ginny had a grand time speculating on your surprise when they put the $10 against your bill. I think there will be another chapter in this story.

  6. Lovely surprise, indeed! So nice to hear/see thoughtfulness! ❤

  7. Sad to read about Ginny. My father had suffered from dementia, it was tragic. My parents were with my brother and he was surrounded with live till the end. Very sweet of Jerry . Thank you for sharing. Regards.

  8. What lovely friends and such a lovely surprise!

  9. Such a nice gesture and one that I know will not be forgotten. Sorry to hear about Ginny’s dementia. It is always so hard on the care giver, but I’m sure he knows that you are there for both of them.

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