I don’t Know How It Happened


When did it happen?

I don’t know.

How did it happen?

I don’t know.

When did you notice it?

Yesterday morning.

How did you notice it?

There was a dark spot in the upper corner of my vision.

What did you think?

Maybe there was some dirt on the lens of my glasses.

What did you do?

I took them off and looked.

What did you see?




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14 responses to “I don’t Know How It Happened

  1. I was worried at first, but had hope that there’d be a bit of humor at the end. My glasses currently have a screw loose, literally. Even with my tiny screwdriver set, I can’t tighten it, so I might have to see a professional.

  2. Sometimes these things happen. Hope it’s not going to cost you too much to fix it. Loved the format, short simple lines that makes the reader wonder.

  3. Hate those unanticipated events. I always feel like I should have noticed when it happened, but glasses are a bit fragile! I’m always more curious about whether the prescription will need changed. ICK!

    • I am glad that I kept my old glasses and that I can still see with them. These broken ones are annoying and I couldn’t get an appointment with my doctor until May 30th.

  4. Terje

    I am glad the black spot was from broken glasses not anything with your vision, and you still have your old glasses. Waiting a whole month for an appointment seems long.

  5. I was also very worried as I was reading and enjoyed the relief at the end–though I am sorry for your broken glasses. But better broken glasses than broken eyes!

  6. Mine broke too when I was in Germany with my daughter. I got a new one after returning. I always keep two glasses 🙂

  7. Oh no. That’s only happened once in the 40+ years I’ve had glasses. Hope you won’t be without glasses too long.

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