Anyone Up To A Challenge?


SOLSC Day 30

If you have been reading my posts about the Lancaster Quilt Show over the last two years you might remember that each year featured a challenge put out by Cherrywood fabrics.  Two years age it was a Wicked challenge.  Last year it was The Lion King.

Well, there was a challenge this year as well.  These are the fabrics the quilters were to use.


As you can see, this year was a Van Gough challenge.  All quilts had to be the same size.


As you see, there were 120 quilts on display and yes, I did take a picture of all of them.  So. for your enjoyment may I present the Van Gough Challenge.

This ends my trip to the quilt show.  Oh wait.  One more thing.  You may have noticed that nowhere over the last several days did I mention food.  I’ll bet you were thinking he is finally concentrating on the quilts and not his stomach.  Sorry to disappoint you but you would be wrong.  So now it is time to eat.  After all the walking and looking of course I was hungry.  Now since we were there on a Friday during Lent and since I don’t eat meat on Fridays lunch pickings were not plentiful.  However, outside the building that housed the vendors there was a truck selling pizza cones.  Yes. I did say pizza cones.


The cone was the crust and all the sauce and cheese was inside.  It was really good and if they are back next year I will get another. Now on to dinner.  After the hectic week we had and after two days at the quilt show I felt that I deserved a really good meal.  There is a place in Schaefferstown called the Franklin House.


Kathy and I eat there occasionally on special occasions.  I felt this was one.  To celebrate the end of the week I treated myself to a chocolate martini.


It went well with my salad with poppy seed dressing.


Main course was apricot crusted cod with rice pilaf and mixed vegetables.


And dessert was a piece of lemon cream cake.  For some reason I didn’t take a picture of it, but trust me – it was delicious.

After that it was on to home.  Believe me, I was ready.


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20 responses to “Anyone Up To A Challenge?

  1. jennysrich

    It is AMAZING the images you can create with fabric. I loved seeing all of the different designs!

  2. These might be my favorite quilts yet! And I’m happy to see some food as well. One year, one of the preservice teachers I took to NCTE did a daily food blog, taking photos of all her meals and writing about them. I discovered that I really like reading about what other people are eating, LOL.

    • What can I say. I like food. For me, going out always means there is food involved at some point. Why go out if you can’t get a meal out of it? 🙂

  3. Those quilts are simply amazing. The creativity and artistic eye the designers have is incredible. It must have been breath-taking to see them all together.

  4. Quilts – amazing. Pizza cone – interesting. Dinner looked scrumptious. I knew you couldn’t resist writing about the food!

  5. I love the quilts, but that pizza cone has me intrigued! I’ve never seen that anywhere, but it sounds like something I would like to try. Thanks again for taking me to the show!

  6. OK, so we’re all fascinated by the pizza cone! That dinner looked delicious, too! The Van Gogh quilts are lovely, but how does one choose a “winner” from so many that look so alike? Thanks to you I’ve learned how much “diversity” there can be in the art of quilt-making. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • it would be hard to pick a winner, at least for me. I know that judges look for matched seams, even quilt stitches, composition, and who know what else.

  7. Finishing strong. With food. Chocolate martini.

  8. I read recently read Vincent and Theo and loved seeing this art!

  9. Alice Nine

    The quilt show is like an art gallery. I can see why you and Kathy like The Franklin House!

  10. Stunning art work! To think it’s all fabric…

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