Quilt Show #1


SOLSC Day 26

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Kathy and I went to the AQS Quilt Show in Lancaster.  We had a two day pass good for Thursday an Friday.  I thought the quilts this year were really something to see.  Just like the last two years there was a Cherrywood Fabric Challenge ( more about that in a future post).  I knew as I was taking pictures that I would get several posts out of the show because there was so much to see.

As I looked at the pictures I tried to decide how to group them in different posts.  My original thought was to do one day of traditional quilts, one day of pictorials, one day of animal quilts, and one day of art quilts.  This, however will not work since there really wasn’t a traditional quilt in the exhibit.

I thought I would start with the winners.  The first one, as you can see from the sign, won for best movable machine workmanship.



This one won First Place.  I can see why.



Although many quilters today like to piece and quilt by machine some still do hand work.  This one is an example.



Not all quilters have a long arm quilting machine.  Some use a stationary machine for their work.



This one didn’t win a place but did get Honorable Mention.  Maybe I shouldn’t have included it here since it did not get top honors.



Every quilt show picks one quilt that gets the distinction of being Best of Show.  Here it is.



I will end today’s post with two quilts that were not winners.  I mentioned earlier in this post that there were no traditional quilts.  That may not be entirely true.  The double wedding ring quilt is a popular pattern.  However, these are not the typical colors a quilter would use.



Finally, even though most quilters are women, there are men who quilt as well.



Now I need to look through my pictures and figure out what kind of quilts I want to put in tomorrow’s post.



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19 responses to “Quilt Show #1

  1. The colors are just spectacular. I love the blues in the
    “best in show” quilt.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. The patterns, the fabric, the colors, the time and talent that each of these winners show is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more tomorrow.

  3. Terje

    Amazing craft. The quilts in the old time were already something special. Now they have become a delicate art. It’s beyond me how anyone has the patience to create anything so detailed and complicated.

  4. These are all so beautiful, and the work that has gone into them is amazing. Especially the First Place winner, Esfahan, is remarkable not only in the piecing but also the quilting. Thank you for sharing your photos and being able to see these works in real life.

  5. Those are beyond my understanding of how someone has the patience to do that work. Simply gorgeous!

  6. I love quilts. I could never be a judge because I could never choose a winner. That rainbow double-wedding ring quilt is a delight! A great example of a modern take on a classic design.

  7. I think the men were well represented… I really like the Imperial Star. The colors are very restful.

  8. I look forward to these posts, Bob! The quilts are always truly amazing. Thanks for taking me along to the show.

  9. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful quilts. I so wish I could quilt. I have been saving quilt patterns but still haven’t tried it yet. Can’t wait to see more of the quilts at the show.

  10. I love traditional quilts! My grandma used to be a quilter, and hers are treasured keepsakes. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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