A Short Post


SOLSC Day 24

Today’s post is short;

few words not much more.

The reason being

we’ve one foot out the door.

With tickets in hand

I don’t mean to sound nerdy.

But we’re off to see

some Dancing that’s Dirty.

When the show is over

it’s off to Mass.

Usually an hour

is all that it lasts.

From there it’s to Applebee’s

cause here’s how I feel,

My stomach is rumbling

and ready for a meal.

Full and satisfied

to the car we head

With all in the lot

I’ll take the one that is red.

With nothing to do

and nowhere to roam.

We’ll get in the car

and head toward home.

There are cats to be fed

and boxes to clean.

Then I must sit down

think you know what I mean.

I have posts to read

and some comments write.

Might still be commenting

Well into the night.

So time to end

this short little post.

I think I’ll do it

with one little toast.

To all of the Slicers

at TWT.

I’ll drink to your health

with my cup

of tea.


3/23/2018 – 3/25/2018



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16 responses to “A Short Post

  1. I love the contrast of dirty dancing, followed by Mass.

  2. Great post. Have a wonderful time! Just don’t put Baby in a corner.

  3. Love your slice – enjoy your day of Dirty Dancing and repenting afterward and of course, that much needed nourishment.

  4. What a fun post! I love the movie Dirty Dancing so this will be a great day – and mass to follow great fun! Enjoy your day!

    • Of course the movie was a bit better…there will only ever be one Johnny and Baby…but they did a great job with the show. The dancing was really something to see. And yes, there was the lift at the end.

  5. Sounds like (another) busy day! You and Kathy never stop. I was thinking of you (though I don’t really know either of you) as I watched Alias Grace this week. You should be able to find it on Netflix. Quilts and quilting play a prominent role in this miniseries. 🙂

  6. Another day that sends you running hither and yon! I bet those kitties will be anxious to have you return home to attend to their needs.

  7. Long live Dirty Dancing!

    Love the format!

  8. Hope you thoroughly enjoyed the show! Your poem was lovely!

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