Another Busy Day


SOLSC Day 22

Today is just as hectic as yesterday.  Although the start isn’t as early commenting won’t be done until tonight.

Here is what is happening.  Today Dauphin County and Lebanon County are jointly hosting a brunch for their PASR members.  This starts at 10:30 for registration.  This doesn’t sound all that early, however, our president is unable to attend.  That means Kathy and I were put in charge as the hosts for the brunch.

Dauphin County took care of getting the place, setting the menu, taking care of all details.  Lebanon County secured our speaker.  Maybe it is just me but because I am in charge I want to be there before guests start arriving to make sure the room is set up properly and all is in order.  I want to be there by 10:00 at the latest.  This means leaving the house by 9:15.  If the roads are still snow covered I may have to leave earlier.

Getting up at 7:30 isn’t a problem since I am usually awake at that time every day.  Maybe I will even set up the automatic feeders for the beasties before we leave because I don’t know when we will get home.

No, the brunch will not last well into the night.  I am hoping we can get out of there by 1:00 because we then have to hightail down to Lancaster.  What is so important that we have to be there?  Well, the Lancaster Quilt Show starts today.  We have tickets for the lecture on Aboriginal dot painting.  That begins at 3:00 and lasts an hour.  After the lecture we must walk around the exhibits.  I think the show closes at six so we will probably be there until the end.

After we leave it is still an hour plus driving time to get home.  Add to that a dinner stop and I don’t know when I’ll be home.  I know I will be making comments late (for me) tonight.  Whether or not they will make any sense remains to be seen.

Until tonight…have a great day.


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19 responses to “Another Busy Day

  1. Enjoy your day, Bob! You make me tired just reading it all. As always, I’m looking forward to reading your posts from the quilt show.

  2. Food and fun with quilts sounds like a fabulous, but exhausting day with all the travel to and fro. I know you will share new info from your lecture. So many future slices in all these activities.

  3. While it sounds very busy, it sounds like it’s full of wonderful things. Enjoy and travel safely!

  4. The snowy wether was almost a blessing, giving you some unexpected down time in a busy month. I look forward to the quilt show photos I assume are coming.

  5. Wow, Bob! Your day is packed! But it sounds inviting and a lot of fun. I love quilts – would love to be there! Enjoy this day, Bob! Safe travels, my friend!

  6. It’s always challenging being in charge of something, but once that’s over, I’m sure the quilt show and lecture will be very enjoyable. And to top it off with dinner. Hopefully the roads will be safe to travel. Have a great day!

  7. I’m thankful the roads are cleared so you can enjoy this day. It’s a whole new world on the interstates around here today. Yesterday, 322, 230, I-81, and I-83 were a mess. Today, everything is clear!


  8. Oh, hooray! Quilt pictures will be coming soon. Hope everything goes great, no problems with the snow!

  9. Terje

    I hope you have the most wonderful day. Don’t worry about the comments.

  10. Another busy day for sure. But what fun to check out all those quilts.

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