Two Blasts From the Past


SOLSC Day 20


Last evening we were looking through boxes that we brought down from Kathy’s mother’s house when we were cleaning it out.  While looking through one box I found two items that brought back memories of my grandmother because she also had these items.

Here is the first one.


I remember my grandmother attaching this to a wooden bench she had.  With a bowl placed beneath it she would go to work.  She rarely bought ground meat.  Instead she would buy cuts of beef, cut them into cubes, and run through them through this grinder.  Once in a while she would let me turn the handle while she put in the meat cubes and pushed them down carefully with her fingers.  As I turned the handle ground meat would spew forth.

She had several blades for this because meat was not the only thing she would grind.  She also would grind crackers for cracker meal.

Here is the second item I found.


I admit I enjoyed playing with this.  Maybe that is one reason I enjoy baking.  For all you youngsters out there this is an egg beater.  The faster you turned the handle the quicker the beaters turned.  If you were beating egg whites you really had to get your hand moving.

We have more boxes to go through.  Who know what treasures they may hold.


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12 responses to “Two Blasts From the Past

  1. Those items are probably considered antiques. I’m old enough to know what they are and how to use them. I used to hate to try to whip cream with the hand egg beater. I’m looking forward to seeing what else these boxes hold.

  2. L remember both of these items and I would say they are definitely antiques. I can remember grinding meat to make hash. Looking forward to seeing what else you discover.

  3. I used both of those items with my grandmother, too. Thanks for the memories!

  4. Guess I’m just plain old. I recognized both items. I’ve only used one, though.

  5. I doubt if kids today would even know what they were. My mom had these – and used them. The beater was such fun to use. Great nostalgic post Bob.

  6. Alice Nine

    Kitchen vintage… the future decor of your remodeled kitchen? There was a time when both tools were in any properly equipped kitchen. I remember helping grind veggies for relish with the grinder.

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