Lunch and Friends


SOLSC Day 18

Once a month Kathy and I have lunch with friends I have gone to college with and we have both worked with.  One of these friends, in fact, introduced us.

Each month the number of us who meet changes depending on different responsibilities we have. On Friday there were 6 of us.  Other months there might be 8 or 10.

No matter how many show up we always have a good time.  We meet at different places each month so that the same people aren’t always driving the farthest.

Luckily we always pick a place that doesn’t mind if we sit and gab.  This is good because our lunches never last just 45 minutes.  The average time for us is two hours.

We are seniors so yes, we do talk about aches and pains.  We do reminisce.  Talk flows easily and with multiple  conversations going on sometimes I have to rely on Kathy to fill me in on conversations she was having and then I fill her in on the conversations I was part of.  We do not get out our phones and text or talk on the phone while we are together.  We do occasionally share pictures if something comes up in conversation and we have a picture that relates.  Mostly we just enjoy getting together and talking to each other.

I feel sorry when we are out for a meal and I see two people, each on his/her phone and ignoring the person sitting across from them.  How sad that they have nothing to say to each other. With our group the food gets cold before we run out of things to say.

Looking forward to our next lunch in April.


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32 responses to “Lunch and Friends

  1. Such a special time to share with friends. The power of being together and talking together is so important to remember.

  2. It is lovely to have such long tern friendships. The ebb and flow of conversation and attendees has a natural flow that is comfortable.

  3. What a wonderful thing to look forward to and consistently do. We are really trying to make dinners no-phone-zones in our family.

  4. I enjoyed reading this piece so much. You capture the easy way that your group falls back into conversation with each other, even if it’s not the same group who comes every month. I especially loved the line about you and your wife catching each other up on the conversations you had afterwards. Double the fun!

    • The fact that we are comfortable with each other makes conversation flow. We all lead interesting lives and so much happens in a month’s time. It is fun to get caught up on each other’s lives.

  5. It’s wonderful to get together with friends. It’s so important to give the one you are with your time. Phones can wait! They will always be there.

  6. What a wonderful tradition.How lovely to be able to share a meal and conversation monthly. Since moving to this city, I have not had that too much.

  7. I often wish there were ways to stop the distance phones put between us and the people around us.

  8. Sounds like great fun! And I so agree that phones seem to just stop the connection between people. So sad!

  9. Terje

    What a wonderful way to spend time. You know the joy and benefit of conversation, so you don’t need a rule/agreement “no digital devices at the lunch/dinner table” spelled out for you. Some people need this rule/agreement written out and reminded. I do understand when phones are use to show photos, and then returned to the pocket or bag.

  10. Alice Nine

    Love these comfortable times with friends.

  11. Good conversation, good friends and good food. What better combination can there be? I find it sad when I look around and see people on phones never saying a word to the person right across he table.

  12. That sounds awesome. I have a group of friends that I do this with now, and I’m hoping it lasts well into marriage and babies!

  13. How cool is it that you continue to see friends from college (and work)! I think your meeting with friends is definitely more fun than my meet-up with the friend I wrote about today. Connections are so important to maintain. You and Kathy are rich in that area of life. Did Kathy teach too?

  14. These are the best kind of lunches. Not retired yet, but some of my teacher friends are and we have these lunches during breaks. We’ve hit 3 hours before!

  15. So much to treasure and value in your monthly meetings face to face and device free. ENJOY! 🙂

  16. We were on similar wave lengths, I posted about the birthday lunch shared with friends. I’m with you on the phone thing. I am guilty of popping it out once or twice to fact check something in discussion, but like you, the phone stays put away for the most part. I don’t understand those who live on their devices when in the company of others.

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