What Are the Chances?


SOLSC Day 11

Last week Kathy and I went to a funeral.  A friend’s husband had died after a long illness.  She had invited us to the dinner following the service.  This is a woman I taught with my first two years of teaching 40 + years ago.

Along with another couple we know we all decided to go.  At lunch tables were set for 10 people per table.  Since there were only four of us we knew that six strangers would eventually be joining us.

When the table was full we went around introducing ourselves and how we knew the wife and/or deceased.  We basically just gave our first names.

Throughout the meal we all kept up pleasant conversation.  Sometimes it was hard to hear the person across from you because of the table size and the acoustics in the place.

However, at one point I did hear the woman on the other side of the table say that her son was out in Indianapolis at some sports event.

I piped up that the sportscaster on our local newscast was out there as well and he was at the same event.

I mentioned that we liked watching because he had a unique sense of humor.  His name is Andrew Kalista and he works for Fox 43 News.  The woman just looked at me.

“That’s my son,” she said.


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20 responses to “What Are the Chances?

  1. That’s certainly an “it’s a small world” moment!

  2. A totally unexpected compliment means a lot- I’ll be you delighted that mom that day!

  3. Sharon Gubser

    It truly is a small world!

  4. You probably made her day.

  5. Richard Hamera

    the moms name is carol and her husbands name is joe. carol taught aaron and christopher in grade school. andrew and I are facebook friends.

  6. As many have said, “It sure is a small world!” I’m sure that mom appreciated your comment since she knew it was absolutely sincere.

  7. A surprising connection for sure. I’m always amazed when the world shrinks a little when you discover those connections. Then it makes me wonder what connections I missed.

  8. One never knows who you might happen upon. I’m sure your compliment made her day and she passed it on to her son.

  9. Love how small the world can be sometimes.

  10. The older I get, the smaller the world seems to get. Six degrees of separation and all.

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