Why Do I Like March



We are four days into March and I am sitting here thinking about the month.  I like March.  Why?  I thought I would make a list of why I like the month.  You will notice that March Madness is not included in the list.  Here are the top seven reasons I like March.  Kind of an odd number for a list, but, oh well!

  1.  March brings Spring.  Even though the weather can still be cold and even though we have had some major snowstorms in March, Spring is coming.  Knowing this I can cope with the weather.
  2. March brings the opening of Rita’s Italian Ice.  I look forward to their free ice or $1.00 Gelati (my favorite) on the first day of Spring.  Based on the crowd when I go I am not the only one waiting for this.
  3. Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without including the SOLSC.  Even though each year I think of not participating, when the time comes I do.  I can’t help myself.  I would feel like something was missing if I wasn’t a part of this wonderful experience and community.  I know I am not the only one.
  4. On a much more personal note, in March I remember and am extremely grateful to the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff that got me through my bypass surgery  two years ago.  I wouldn’t be writing this if it weren’t for them.
  5. Every year in March there is a major quilt show in Lancaster that Kathy and I go to.  This happens toward the end of the month.  Why do I like this?  Well, around this time of the month I am struggling for topics to write about.  The quilt show is good for at least three days of posts getting me over the slump and rejuvenating me so that I can finish the Challenge.
  6. This might sound strange, but I also like March because we change the clocks.  It’s not that I enjoy losing and hour of sleep, but I do like the fact that it is no longer dark at 5:00.  Psychologically, I  just feel like doing more if it is lighter longer.
  7. Usually by the end of March I can put away the heavy bulky winter coat and wear one that doesn’t make me look like the Michelin Man.

So, are there any things you like about March?



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26 responses to “Why Do I Like March

  1. Like you, I think of March as the finally point for spring weather. I love this outlook, it’d be fun to try with different months. March also means spring break, which is much needed 🙂

    • Much as I complain about the winter weather, I think I would miss it if I lived where there was no snow. Spring break was always something to look forward to.

  2. As I was walking the dog this morning, I realized the time change was coming soon – next Sunday! I love seeing Spring arrive in fits and starts.

  3. What a great idea in listing March’s merits! I am totally stealing this idea. The details of “Rita’s Italian Ice” and the “Michelin Man” look totally resonate with me. Great slice!

    • Thank you. I have always found lists to come in handy when I run out of ideas to write about during the challenge. Not there yet. This just seemed like the right time for this list.

  4. I remember well your health scare from two years ago. I got really worried not seeing your posts on TWT and was glad to find out you were OK. And yes, you just can’t beat Rita’s for a taste of spring!

  5. Lisa-Beth Lovero

    My favorite part of March is the day when all the crocuses and daffodils peek their heads on the big hill that the Chicago Botanical Garden plants every year! My heart soars when I come up the walk and see the wave purple and yellow… and the tulips, did I mention the tulips? :)…

  6. Judy C.

    March is an awakening month for me. A time to relish all of the new birth of plants, flowers, grass, animals. It’s also our anniversary month and Michelle’s birth month. Lots of things to celebrate. Can’t believe it’s been 2 years since your bypass surgery. So glad that you are doing well and continuing to write.

  7. March brings crazy weather in South Dakota. A 50 degree day followed by a 0 degree day isn’t uncommon. It keeps me on my toes! I think I like March much better since I started participating in the SOLSC. It gives the month a focus.

  8. Once we get to March, I feel like I can survive winter. Love the blooms that magically appear. I’m glad you are doing so well after your by-pass. Cheers to March!

  9. Yes! Changing the clocks…It just seems like we have more time in the evening. Definitely psychological! Have a great March!

  10. Now I am trying to figure out how I can get to Rita’s this month! Mango water ice with vanilla custard, please! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already since your surgery. I’m glad you are back with us here this year. Can’t wait for your quilt show pictures.

  11. Rita’s would be on my list too with my son’s birthday, 15 this year!, and spring break from work. March is wonderful!

  12. Wonderful reasons to love March. It also has my Dad’s birthday, St. Patrick’s Day and March Break (altho as I am retired now, it becomes the week I avoid traveling!)

  13. I love all your reasons for March and many of them are mine as well. Through in St. Urho Day and St. Patrick’s Day and it’s all set.

    • Let’s wake up those snakes and get them out of Ireland! Although I have no Irish blood in me my wife Is Kathleen Ann Elliott, whose mother was a MacGeehan, and grandmother was McHue. Talk about Irish!.

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