Bring On Spring



I am so ready for Spring.  Despite the cold, rain, ice, winds and snow of yesterday I do believe that plants and bushes in my yard are ready for spring as well.

First of all there is the pussy willow.  We had it really cut back last year and I wasn’t sure if we would have willows this year or not.  Look at the buds.  If you look closely you can see that some willows are starting to pop as well.



Being Byzantine, pussy willows as well as palm was always blessed in our church on Palm Sunday.

Then there is the lilac bush.  It might be hard to see, but it also is filled with loads of buds.



When these bloom we always cut off some branches and bring them into the house.  They smell so good.  Every year when the white lilacs are in bloom a man we do not know stops and asks if he may cut some blooms.  They are his father’s favorite.  Of course we tell his “Yes”.  Glad our flowers can bring some joy to his father.

Finally there are the daffodils.  You can see them poking their green shoots up through the leaves that have kept them warm for the winter.

The yard is ready and I am ready.  Bring on Spring!


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18 responses to “Bring On Spring

  1. Looks like Spring at your place! Here it still feels like late winter. February/March- torture/tease!!!!

  2. Spring is a common theme with Slicers. I think we all agree with you. We have another sunshiny day here… but the weather report predicts a blast of cold again next week. We’ve had enough sun to know, though, that Spring will soon be here to stay.

  3. I get so excited as these tiny harbingers of Spring appear.

  4. I cannot wait to see a future post with all of this in full bloom!

  5. I am ready, too! Love the smell of lilacs in the house! My daffodils are growing. Another week or so, and they will be in full bloom. Wish I had pussywillows. Your piece is filled with hope. I needed to read this today. Without power since yesterday afternoon, and will be again tonight, I’m afraid.

  6. We’ve been having spring weather here in Ontario the past few weeks – in fact it got over 60 earlier this week – but then dropped below freezing, with snow a couple of days ago. Ugh. Plants are definitely getting confused. Hope this changeable weather doesn’t kill them.

  7. Judy C.

    When we left home on Friday, there were several daffodils in bloom and the Bradford pears were showing signs of color. As we traveled across Tennessee and North Carolina, the signs of spring had already sprung. The wild cherry’s were in bloom and the Bradford pears were absolutely beautiful/ I love the smell of lilacs and wish that I could grow them in AR, but haven’t had any luck.

  8. I think we are all ready to greet spring and push winter out the door. Tree buds are swelling here too. I even spotted some daffodils blooming and some crocuses too.

  9. Usually I’m scaling the walls with cabin fever by now, near desperate for any sign of spring. Other than truly noting the lengthening days, I’ve been good this winter. Though to be fair, my near one month vacation in the middle of it helped.

    I enjoyed seeing you early signs of spring in your flowers. And the learning they bring others joy. I think I’ll start taking a closer look when I’m out tomorrow.

    • I think it is amazing how these signs of spring just creep up on us. It is as if they are not there and then the next day we look and sure enough they are all over the place.

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