Writing Help



Here it is Day 2 of the SOLSC and I am already having difficulty writing.  Please understand that the difficulty is not that I don’t have an idea for today.  I do, but it is not what this post is about.

No, today’s problem is that I have a hinderance/helper.  Molly decided that she wants some attention. First of all she decided to hook a claw into the sleeve of my shirt.  This means that every time I go to type something her left front paw comes along for the ride.  I guess I can at least be thankful that she’s not hitting keys while I type.

After a bit she decided to take a nap.  Yes, she is on the arm of the chair but she is also propped against my arm.  Again, when I move to type her body shifts because her support moves.



Now she decided that she needs a bit of salt in her diet so while I am composing in my head she is licking the back of my hand.



Great!  Now my hand is covered in kitty spit.  Maybe I should just forget about it and not write anything today.  But it’s only Day 2 of the challenge.


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28 responses to “Writing Help

  1. Distraction do make it difficult to focus but what a beautiful kitty!

  2. I believe that might be considered a first world problem. 🙂 Wouldn’t it be a lovely world if that was your only problem of the day? Stay safe and warm through your storm.

    • Would that these are the only kinds of problems we had to face. With the wind blowing and gusting today I think I am in for the day. A bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sounds perfect for later on.

  3. “Kitty spit” made me smile. She is a beautiful kitty, and secretly she is writing along with you.

  4. The two of you are cracking me up. Thanks

  5. Oh what we put up with for our animal friends! Very cute!

  6. Just the kind of “help” I enjoy, even though it’s also exasperating!

  7. Ah, but Kitty isn’t bothering the mouse. 🙂 Stay warm and safe in the storm!

  8. You are very fortunate to have such a cuddly, quiet, comforting writing assistant! Seems like a symbiotic relationship to me!

  9. I have no doubt you will find plenty to write about his minth. The pictures were a great accoma to your post.

  10. Judy C.

    well, Molly seems to have taken over your blog today. Such a beautiful creature. The pictures truly made your slice come to life. I’m going to miss Max’ help with slices this year. He was always such a big help with the days when there was nothing to write about.

  11. Great post! Molly is precious and a great helper! I think you’ve found your muse.

  12. Your companion is sweet – and a writing inspiration, too!

  13. Awww, Molly is darling kitty and great muse. I suspect they my be more Molly posts coming.

  14. What a gorgeous cat! She probably sees herself as your assistant – at least she inspired you today.

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