Here We Go Again


Well. here it is…another March…another SOLSC.  Each year I look froward to it and dread it at the same time.  Will I be able to do it?  Will I have 31 ideas to get me through the month?

In reading posts from other slicers in the weeks leading up to this challenge I was amazed at how some people are organized and prepared for this.  Each year I tell myself that I will do some planning before the challenge begins.  But I don’t.  Each year I tell myself that I will organize some thoughts and ideas so that I have some go to when I am stuck for an idea,.. I don’t.

So, what kind of plan do I have for getting through this month of writing?  Well, I know my first post will be about getting started and I know my last post for the month will be about making it.  That means I only have 29 more ideas to come up with.

I guess I will approach this the way I have in the past.  Wake u in the morning…get out of bed…get ready for the day…sit in front of my computer…hope for inspiration.

Maybe it’s not the best plan, but it works for me…sometimes.  So fellow Slicers,  I make no promises of great writings to come during this month.  You will get whatever is on my mind, if anything, at the moment I sit down to write.

I do know that barring any unforeseen circumstances I will write every day and isn’t that what this challenge is about.  Good Luck to all of us participating in this year’s challenge.  I look forward to reading old friends and finding new ones.


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26 responses to “Here We Go Again

  1. It is definitely a mix of excitement and dread this morning. I try to get an idea started the night before and polish it in the morning. Sometimes, I am not that organized. Have a great SOLSC!

  2. I feel the same way: looking forward to it and dreading it. I love your point about just 29 more ideas needed. I always do several “metaslices” as well–including a slice of rejected slice ideas, which is always fun to post in the last few days of the challenge. I will comfort myself with the realization that I ony need 27 or so ideas, since I will have to slice about slicing a few times. I’ve been worried this year (my 3rd) that I will just repeat myself. How many more slices can I write about writing in coffee shops, my writer’s notebook, the prairie I drive across to work, etc.??

    • This is my 5th year of doing this and I often worry about repetition. Then I think, well, if someone new is reading this then it is not repetition. If others have already heard the story I think of it as a refresher course. If those reading it are old like me I figure they might not remember reading this before so it is new. I guess I can rationalize anything.:-)

  3. Last year I was so prepared! I had lists of ideas. I was on it…

    This year, I am in the middle of planning two units and so many assignments behind on grading.

    I’m there with you. I’m doing this thing! (Also– I’m glad to know I’m not the only one in this boat.)

  4. Alice Nine

    Love this: “Well, I know my first post will be about getting started and I know my last post for the month will be about making it.” Sometimes the beginning and the ending is all we really need to have. Here’s to a great month!

  5. Judy C.

    As we can both attest to, “there is always something to write about”. We just have to take a look around. Sometimes is just getting started that is the hardest Glad you’re joining in again this year. Looking forward to many delightful slices.

  6. welcome back Bob. So good we are both here again and keeping things open and spontaneous. I think the only planning I do is to be more conscious of clicking on new images. I need them for anything I write.
    See you tomorrow.

    • Thanks Bonnie. Glad we are both back. BTW, I tried going to your post and got this message:
      Invalid Post Address
      This post cannot be found. Check the web address or start a new post. Could you please check the link to your post. I will try again later, Have a great month of writing.

  7. I think we live wide-awake lives when we’re looking for things to write about during the month of March. My slice just found me — in terms of it being a family story that will be passed down from generation to generation — while eating breakfast this morning. (Now I just have to write it.)

    Glad you’re joining us again, Bob!

  8. You always have such a unique spin on events of life. Your posts are a joy to read. Life happens, you record it and share. Simple as that! Ha! Ha!

  9. vicki s

    I love your honesty about coming up with ideas. You make it easier for the rest of us bloggers that also have no idea what the next day’s post might be about. You mentioned inspiration, I will keep that in mind when I get up tomorrow and have no idea what I am going to write about … I will remember to look for my inspiration that will hopefully arrive before it’s time to go to bed tomorrow night:)

  10. I am always amazed at how the inspiration does come and I actually get slices done. I am more organized this year – if I remember to take the photos! Glad you are taking part Bob – all the best.

  11. I usually have lists of ideas and reread old posts, but I did no planning this year! So I hope it works out. I look forward to reading more from you as always.

    • I like to think of myself as being fairly organized, but when it comes to this challenge I am not. We will see what happens as the month progresses. Looking forward to your posts as well, Rose.

  12. Love your plan… it always works out. We like reading whatever is on your mind.

  13. This year I’m hitting SOL18 completely unprepared.I’m hoping my muse and my life are fruitful with slices. Rubbing a rabbit foot and raising a glass for the both of us.

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