It Started Simply


Isn’t it amazing how things start out simply enough and then grow, and grow, and grow?  For us it all started with this:


and this:


What you are looking at is our floor.  This runs through our hallways, kitchen, and dining area, we have a country kitchen.  The flooring is original to the home which is now 40 plus years old.

The metal strips, and there are more, are hiding cracks and curling edges.  Because of this we decided that we need to replace the floor.  OK.

But wait, if you look at out kitchen cabinets they are original to the house as well.

They have seen better days as you can see.



Well, if we replace the floor surely the cabinets will look shabby so shouldn’t we get new cabinets as well?  So now we are replacing floor and cabinets.  Anything else?

Let’s look at the counter top – Formica and once again original.


Now we are up to floor, cabinets, and counter tops.  What else?

If we look up we can see cracks in the ceiling. We originally had radiant heat and that caused some cracks in the ceiling.


If the floor looks good shouldn’t the ceiling look good as well?

As far as appliances go the only one we need to replace is the dishwasher.  It is original and we never used it.  I would be afraid of what would happen if we tried to use it.

So, what started as replacing the floor has turned into a complete kitchen remodel.  We have had measurements taken so our next step is to meet with the designer and make some choices.

Wish us luck.  I will keep you informed.



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26 responses to “It Started Simply

  1. Kitchen remodels are so much work (& heartache… from what I’ve heard), but totally worth it in the end.

    Until then, don’t use that old dishwasher! (Though if you did, it would surely become a Sol story!)

  2. I’ve known more than one person who moved out of their house for the kitchen remodel. I am sure this project will be the source of more stories. Good luck!

  3. I feel your pain. There is no such thing as a “simple” remodel and it becomes the “If you give a Mouse a Cookie” story!

  4. Erika Haak

    I think this is exciting news and I am anxious for you to be the guinea pig, we want to do some work to our kitchen, but you go ahead and do yours first 🙂 For friends who have done it, their best advice is to make and freeze a lot of meals and then you can move a microwave to the living room and heat up food there, so that when you have no floor, counter, stove, or cabinets, you can still eat dinner!

    • Thanks, Erika. I just love being a guinea pig. 🙂 I guess we could freeze some meals, or else we could just eat out a lot. Palermo’s. Gramma’s Fortune Ocean, … I’m sure I will have many posts once decisions are made and work begins. I just have to keep the end result in mind as I navigate around the mess and clutter. After all, they say things always get worse before they get better. Right?

  5. Judy C.

    I know exactly how you feel. One project leads to another and another and yet another. I think all of our projects are completed and now we can sit back and enjoy. You’ll get thru it and enjoy all those meals out so that you can enjoy some great home cooked meals when the projects are complete. Good luck.

    • Thank you. I am sure we will need it. It will be interesting to see if the designer comes up with a different arrangement for us or if we will keep the set up as is.

  6. Oh yeah, this is fodder for writing. 🙂 I know it will be worth it in the end, but it is a huge undertaking. I agree, dinner out would be my preference for meals.

    • I can feel a lot of frustrated posts coming out of this as well as wondering why we didn’t just leave well enough alone. I know the end result will be worth it though.

  7. Yes, it did start simply 🙂 It will be interesting to see all that happens in the near future. All the best.

  8. R

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

  9. So excited for you… yep…every house we have lived in has a kitchen remake. Hopefully, we are in our last and have done the final. In our new/old house we had to even put new joists in the second level before the floor could be laid on top…so hmmm…more money than we thought. I do recommend quartz over granite…I’m in love with it! Oh, forgot about the ceiling…that had to go to and a new ceiling too. xo

  10. The process will be awful and longer than you thought and might even have some complications. But the end result will be well worth it, so hang in there. We redid our kitchen about six years ago and I love spending time in it which is a good thing since I spend most of my time there! You haven’t mentioned colors. What did you have in mind? I went for yellow and white since our kitchen is on the darker side of the house…and it worked! Good luck….

    • Thanks for your encouragement. Our kitchen is dark since all we have is an overhead light. No matter where we stand we are in a shadow. We haven’t picked out colors yet. We did see some light oak cabinets that we liked the look of and we also saw some light grey ones that we liked. We will see when we meet with the designer.

  11. We actually settled for white and love them! Light oak sounds nice, too.

  12. Alice Nine

    You are just beginning. Wait until you pull those cabinets… 🙂 Our house is nearly 100 years old and every time we talk about doing something minor… the list to do grows and it becomes major. This week we settled for cleaning the main sewer line and replacing a hot water heater. We were thankful to get both taken care of before either flooded the basement floor.

  13. Ugh, those little projects that sneak up on you and grow into these major deals. Vaya con Dio mi amigo. May this reno be a relatively painless one.

    • Gracias. I guess I could have done some minor repairs years ago…wait, is there such a thing as a minor repair? What the neck go big. Besides, it’s a good excuse to have a glass of wine 🍷each evening to calm my frazzled nerves.☺

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