And Butterflies


Last week I wrote about going to Hershey Gardens to see the orchids.  While we were there we also took a walk through the butterfly house.  It was 80 degrees and humid inside.  It sure felt good.

Anyway, it was really neat to have all kinds of butterflies flying around us as we walked through the house.  We were told not to touch them, but if one decided to land on us that was fine.  After all, we were in their space.

I always enjoy watching the butterflies in our yard during the summer months. They move so gracefully and quietly.  I don’t usually see the quantity and variety that can be found at Hershey.

Some of them just sit as if they are waiting to have their picture taken.

The design on the wings can be quite intricate.


A piece of pineapple makes a good meal.

Some were quite large.


Others were small.


I wasn’t sure I would get a picture of this guy.  He and others like him (yes, I am saying him but it very easily have been a her instead) kept flying and wouldn’t light.  I just got lucky here.


Of course, with the orchid show next door there had to be an orchid mantis present.  This one seemed to like the screen covering the cage because that is where it stayed.


I was surprised at had many people, adults as well as children, seemed to be  a bit apprehensive about having the butterflies flying around them.  You could see in their eyes that they were not too thrilled to be there.

Seeing the butterflies makes me long for summer.  I guess maybe I just want warmer temperatures.  Oh well, eventually they will arrive.


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22 responses to “And Butterflies

  1. What kind of camera do you have? These are really great closeups.

  2. margaretsmn

    Butterfly gardens are magical places!

  3. tbreitweiser

    I love butterflies! They seem so magical

  4. Alice Nine

    Thank you for sharing your butterfly moments. I always love watching them in the summer. Years ago we were on a Feb. trip to Buffalo for a wedding… while there we visited a frozen Niagara and then enjoyed a butterfly house. What a contrast that was!!

  5. Judy C.

    Your pics show some beautiful creatures. Butterflies are amazing to watch. They make me feel at peace.

  6. So gorgeous!! We have a butterfly garden at the Indy Zoo, too. And I have some butterfly collections from the street markets in Peru. But the best is I saw blue morphos “in the wild” in the jungle in Panama.

  7. What a delight you shared, Bob! Thank you for warm summer memories.

  8. What a treat for eyes that are tired of winter! I’ve never been to a butterfly house. Sounds like something I’d like.

  9. I would have loved that! I had no idea that butterflies liked pineapple. I will remember that.

    P.S. I am a new Slicer. I posted my very first Slice of Life on my blog. 🙂

    A Turtle is a Boy’s Best Friend

  10. I love walking in Butterfly gardens! What a treat!

  11. I love butterflies and visit any butterfly conservatory I can….all over the country. Yet, I have never been to the on at Hershey…must be a new addition since I was there in the late 80’s! Much of my adult life has been spent on conserving habitat for monarchs. I am glad you got to visit with the butterflies and shared it on Slice of Life! Thanks!

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