Broadway Here We Come


It is no secret that Kathy and I enjoy traveling to NYC to see a Broadway show.  It is something we look forward to each year around our birthdays.  The problem is that with so many good shows playing and so many on their way, which two do we pick.

We are both fans of musicals so they are the first shows I look at.  I want to see certain shows so we don’t do the half price ticket stand. There is no guarantee that the show I want to see will be there. I know, there are plenty of good shows for which there are tickets.  Maybe I’m just a snob.

Once I decide what shows we want to see, Kathy always lets this up to me, the question becomes when do I start looking for tickets.  I know from experience that some shows sell out quickly.  This includes shows that haven’t opened yet but have high anticipation.

This is why I watch and then try to get tickets as soon as they go on sale.  This is what I did for this year’s trip.  I have had our tickets for several months already and at least as far as one sow goes I am glad I didn’t wait.

So what shows will be be seeing this year?  First off, although we have had below freezing temperatures, come August I will be glad for cool temps as we see


I lucked out and was able to get orchestra aisle seats in Row D.  Out of curiosity I checked for tickets about a month ago and found that there are none available for the day we will be in NYC.  Correction, there are resale tickets for $1000 plus which I refuse to pay.

The second show we will see takes us to a completely different climate zone.


So, from ice in the afternoon we are going to the tropics in the evening.  One exciting thing about this show is that our nephew’s fiancee got in touch with me to see what shows we are seeing.  I told her and she was able to surprise our nephew with tickets for this show.  To make things even better she was able to get the two seats next to us.  We are thrilled.  I will make dinner reservations for the four us and then we will all go enjoy the show.

Something to look forward to as we muddle through these winter months.



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20 responses to “Broadway Here We Come

  1. I hope to hear about your theatrical adventures when you get to NYC. I hope, too, you will fill us in on you post Margaritaville dining adventure.

  2. Sometimes I think the anticipation of an event is almost as enjoyable as the activity. You get to think about it for a long while. Sounds like two great shows in your future.

  3. Terje

    Sweet anticipation. I don’t think you are a snob for carefully selecting what to see. Time is too precious to settle for less.

  4. Sounds like a wonder wat to celebrate.

  5. Judy C.

    I feel the anticipation and excitement brewing! Both shows sound like will be excellent. I love musicals.

  6. Erika Haak

    We ate at La Masseria before Hamilton and we were over the top impressed. One of the best places I have ever eaten! Enjoy it for me! We have only one set of tickets in hand for this coming year (as fellow Broadway lovers) but we are not heading to NYC–we are going to see Cursed Child in London! All four of us are huge Harry Potter fans and we have all read the play (and all the books and Fantastic Beasts and all things HP). It will be my first trip to Europe–not til November, but very excited!

  7. Oh wow, Erika! Thanks for the review of the restaurant. I will now definitely make reservations there. I am also a HP fan, but Kathy isn’t, so I know this is not a show I will ever see. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it afterwards.

  8. I love Broadway shows as well! ENJOY!!! 🙂

  9. I am sure you will have fun 🙂

  10. mphadventuregirl

    I love Broadway musicals, but too hard to see musical in NYC. I only been to NYC once so only saw on musical on Broadway, which was Wicked. I did see Les Mis in the West End. Touring productions I have seen and loved include Wicked (3x), Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Pippin, Sound of Music, Newsies, Annie, and Rent. I live in NC so I do not live that close to NYC. So I am glad that touring productions exist.

    • We are lucky that we can hop on a train and be in NYC in three hours. We also have season tickets for the Broadway Series at Hershey Theatre which is only 45 minutes away. This season we have seen Kinky Boots and Something Rotten. Still to come are Beautiful, Dirty Dancing, and King and I.

      • mphadventuregirl

        So I am thankful for touring productions. Next time I got to NYC, I want to base it around theatre and see more than one musical on Broadway.

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