In My Dreams

In my dreams
I run free
My long powerful legs
Carrying me through the woods
Not a care in the world

In my dreams
Friends admire me
Enemies cower before me
All are aware of who I am

In my dreams
I am a leader
Rewarding loyalty and hard work
With strength and protection

In my dreams
I let out a powerful
That reverberates
Throughout the area

In mu dreams
I am KING!









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10 responses to “In My Dreams

  1. Life is so different in our dreams than reality (sometimes). Oh, the joy of slumber without a care in the world!

  2. I can just imagine our cat having those kind of dreams. Lovely poem!

  3. Ha! You got me! As I began to read your post I was thinking…”This doesn’t sound like the Areja I’ve gotten to know on TWT…then the picture of the cat.
    Well done, and very crafty.

  4. lindabaie

    And quietly reigning nearly always. I must admit I was fooled. I just read another friend’s post who wrote about her dreams, so naturally. . .

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