Everything Old…


I guess it’s true, if you wait long enough things come back.  The other day Kathy and I were walking around B & N. We went into their music/media section.  It has been a while since i looked around there since I mostly spend my time with the books.

Anyway, I was really surprised at all of the vinyl they carried.  I know that records were making a comeback, but I was surprised at the volume of records they had.

I started looking through them just to see what titles they carried.  Their top spot – Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  Oh my.  Kathy and I looked at each other.  We have the original.

We looked some more.  Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Whipped Cream.  Have that one too.

As we looked we saw many more that we have the originals of  Oh my I was feeling old.  I looked at the price. $39.00 and up.  Wow.  We have a fortune in LPs in our house.

There were also a number of turntables.  I remember one of the first ones I had where you could stack up to five records on the record mount (not sure of the correct term) and  as one finished playing the next one would drop down so that you didn’t have to change records constantly. My first one also played different speeds. 33 1/3 rpm. 45 rpm, and 78 rpm.

I then started thinking about a commercial I have seen on TV and wondered if I am seeing it incorrectly or am I missing something.  Maybe you have sen it too.

It is for a medicine – I won’t mention which one.  Anyway, a young family is visiting a yard sale and they spot a record.  The wife buys it.  She gets it home and digs out an old record player to show her son.  She puts the record on the machine, turns it on, and places the needle on the record.  Here is where it gets interesting.  Maybe it is my eyes, but to me it looks like she places the needle at the end of the record.  She then begins dancing with her son.

Now, with all of the record players I have had if I put the needle there I would not get music.  My machines didn’t play backwards.  Did someone not do their research before filming?  Oh, well.  I suddenly feel very old.



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13 responses to “Everything Old…

  1. I live near a record store…a big independent one. Over the years, they’ve gone from all vinyl records, to all CDs and now sell a combination of both. I do miss the crackle of the needle on vinyl.

  2. I used to have a lot of records. Alas, they are long gone. I recently read a blog about playlists, but I haven’t gotten into that. But it got me to thinking maybe I will. I used to listen to my records a lot, but now I usually only listen to the radio in the car, and I rarely have music playing at home. Kinda sad.

  3. Supposedly the quality of the sound is so good, it’s mking a comeback!

  4. Lisa Corbett

    Everything old is new again. 🙂 How interesting, though, that B&N is carrying them. I don’t remember music in book stores, except classical that was hard to find in music stores.

  5. Judy C.

    What’s the next thing they’ll bring back? We got rid of all our vinyls and player. Thanks for the memories!

  6. I still have vinyls. Too much money to get rid of them YET! But I’ve never invested heavily in music since. Too much free in so many other formats.

    I may have to polish up my old Victrola. That would be fun for the holidays! LOL

  7. Very funny – you are right – my guess is they did not know how to play a record. I was just in the family farm attic and found an old Victrola but no records. Darn! We have lots of records but no turn table. Makes it hard to hear those old goodies!

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