Oaks 2017


One of the things that we enjoy about September is that the annual Quilt Extravaganza is held the third weekend of the month out at Oaks, which is near Philadelphia.  Of course we go.  Kathy really likes the vendors that come to this show.  I like the buffet they serve at lunch.  What can I say.

The quilts on display are more artsy than traditional as you will see.  Quilts from other countries are also displayed.

Having just been to Australia, the quilts from that country grabbed our attention.  For anyone who likes to ride a carousel, this one won for best use of color.

oaks 4

oaks 3

This is one of the more traditional looking quilts on display.

oaks 2

I happen to like big cats.

oaks 11


Imagine cutting all of these small pieces.

IMG_2759 - Copy

IMG_2757 - Copy


At first I thought this was a vet until I read the sign.

IMG_2761 - Copy


So in love but separated by life circumstances. Hope they are going to the same place.

IMG_2760 - Copy

The quilting on this one was amazing.


IMG_2763 - Copy

Loved this one from South Africa.

IMG_2766 - Copy

IMG_2765 - Copy

This year one artist was showcases.  All of these quilts were made by the same person.  I think you can figure out what kind of quilt she enjoys.


These I just liked.

What a nice birthday present.



Again, I just liked this.



Another Australian quilt.



And one more from South Africa.

IMG_2756 - Copy


Not all vendors sell quilting supplies.  I was able to do some early Christmas shopping for Kathy.

oaks 10

I just hope I don’t forget where I put it for safe keeping when it is time to wrap it.

Well, this is the last big quilt show in our area until March of next year when it is back to Lancaster.  There might be another local guild show before then.  If there is you can be sure we will be there.


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18 responses to “Oaks 2017

  1. lindabaie

    I love the simplicity of the one with goldfish and that flower one is amazing. We saw lots of quilts when I visited my son & family & went to the South Plains Fair (Lubbock, TX), but none that seemed as wonderful as the ones you share! Remember to hide that gift!

  2. I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends… I like that one!

  3. I look forward to your quilting show posts as that is something I never get to see otherwise. The artistry and intensity of quiltmaking has always fascinated me, but It’s something I could never personally undertake. I once made a needlepoint pillow and swore I’d never attempt such a thing again!

  4. I hadn’t realized that quilt shows had international quilts. Do the quilt makers travel with their piece, or are the quilt a traveling show on their own?

  5. Judy C.

    The pictures are amazing, so I can only imagine that they are more beautiful in person. So much time and talent and the love that goes into each quilt. Thanks for sharing once again.

  6. Isn’t it amazing what some artists can do with fabric?? I am a quilter too — but nothing close to that level. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing the pictures. I’m inspired!

  7. The art displayed here is amazing! Looking at your pictures was like walking through a museum! Thank you so much for sharing your trip to the quilt show!

  8. Laura

    Looking at those pictures were just breath taking. I bet they were even better in person.

  9. Wow – this was an amazing collection of quilts. I love the traditional quilts, but that goldfish one was my favorite.

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