Our Own Island


Have things ever gotten so crazy that you wished you could escape to a deserted island for a day?  That is exactly what we had a chance to do – sort of.  As I said last week, our stop on Fiji was strictly for R & R.  Our last full day exemplified this.  Our guide signed us up for a Captain Cook tour where we and everyone else on the ship would spend the full day on a deserted island.  Ours would be the only ship docking there.  Lunch would be served on the island.  There would be swimming and snorkeling.  A glass bottom boat ride was also part of the deal.

We headed to the dock about 8:30 to get our tickets and a seat under the canopy, since the sun was hot that day.

IMG_2690 - Copy

The boat ride was about an hour. On the way an English tea was served.  The crew also entertained us with songs.

Our island was waiting for us.

We finally arrived.

IMG_2684 - Copy

“Bula” is the standard greeting on Fiji.  It simply means :hello”.  The first thing we did was go on the glass bottom boat ride since the boat was right there.  While we did this our guide went off to claim one of the cabins for our group.  That way people could shower after swimming if they wanted to.

The ref at this point couldn’t compare to the Great Barrier Reef so I didn’t get good pictures.  However, it was still interesting.

Here is our section of the beach.

IMG_2685 - Copy

Some people enjoyed the water.IMG_2689 - Copy

Since Kathy and I both burn and I have been warned by my dermatologist to stay out of the sun, we found a nice tree shaded spot where we sat and enjoyed the view and a nice breeze.  I also had my Kindle with me so I got some peaceful reading time is as well.

A few shots of the island.

We were also at a good spot to see what we would be having for lunch.

Of course, it looked and tasted better once it was cooked.  It was really delicious.


Of course there were salads and other things to go along with the fish.


On the way back we were served more tea and had more entertainment.  Kathy is just enjoying the trip.

IMG_2692 - Copy

Here you can see where the island was in relation to where we were.

Yasawa Island Cruises

Our last day on Fiji wasn’t a full one since we had an evening flight back to Los Angeles.  We spent the day roaming around our resort and sitting on the open porch enjoying the scenery.


Around 2:00 we thought we would go get some lunch.  The food at the resort was delicious.  Here we are sitting waiting for the food to be served.


Since it is an open air restaurant we did have some company.

The waiters did their best to shoo them, but it was a lost cause.

Well, this brings our Australia, New Zealand, Fiji adventure to a close.  What a lifetime of memories.  Thank you for revisiting our trip with me.


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14 responses to “Our Own Island

  1. Sara Thornton

    I loved reading about your trip!

  2. Although a trip to a desert isle would be amazing any time, four weeks into school, I feel very envious. Thanks for sharing this exotic journey.

  3. What a fun trip and so many unique experiences! I love the way our world expands by traveling. Where to next?

  4. Judy C.

    Awesome! A deserted island to enjoy and savor. What a wonderful trip for you and Kathy. Once in a lifetime. Thanks so much for taking us on your adventure.

  5. lindabaie

    Cheeky birds! What a fabulous ending to your tour to so many “other” fabulous places. I’m glad you posted so much, enjoyed it thoroughly, but also I’m glad because now you have captured much for your self, too. I spent a day with students on a deserted island in the Sea of Cortez and then two days on another that was a special one first inhabited by the Seri Indians. It was a most memorable trip. I’ve never taken a ride in a glass-bottom boat, must be awesome! Thanks for all!

    • Glad you enjoyed the posts, Linda. Now I need to take all the pictures and put them in a 45 minute power point presentation for the Dauphin Count School Retirees November lunch meeting.

  6. Terje

    I love the blueness of the water and sky. Peaceful.

  7. This seemed like such a peaceful and relaxing end to your travels! Thanks so much for taking us along on your trip! ❤

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