Feeling Old


Even though I will be celebrating my 66th birthday on Friday, I don’t always think of myself as old.  Granted, aches and pains I didn’t have years ago tell me otherwise.  I still try to keep active and do thing I enjoy doing, sometimes at a slower pace.

However, once in a while something happens that really makes me feel ancient.  One such thing happened last Thursday.  It was an normal day.  One where the only things planned were going to the annual newspaper book sale – paperbacks for $1.00 and hardbacks for $3.00 – and then taking Dustin to the vet in the afternoon.  Somehow he, or one of his housemates, scratched his eye so we had to put drops in ti for a week.  This was to be his follow up visit.  His eye is fine.

Getting sidetracked here – guess I am old.  Anyway, after the book sale I needed to go to Rite Aid to pick up something.  There is a Subway next door.  Because Dustin’s vet appointment wasn’t until 4:40 and I knew until we got home neither of us would feel like cooking dinner, I suggested to Kathy that we stop in Subway and get a sub to take home for dinner that evening.  She agreed.

We went in and a nice young man, I am thinking summer job, took care of making our sub.  We were talking back and forth while he loaded our sub with the things we wanted. The conversation eventually got around to books.  At one point the conversation went something like this:

Young Man:  “So, what is your favorite book?”

Kathy:  “Oh, my!  There are so many.  I guess one of my favorites would have to be Gone With the Wind.  I read it when I was in high school.”

YM:  “Oh (this is where I really felt old) I never heard of that one.  What was it about?”  (Oh my!)

K:  “Well, it was about the Civil War and the South”

YM:  “Sounds interesting.”

At this point I felt like get me a rocker for the porch and a blanket for my knees.





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18 responses to “Feeling Old

  1. I am with you there! So funny – I have had that experience more times than not lately. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Same here! It really gets me when they act like the 1980’s was sooo long ago. Thanks for the chuckle today. 🙂 Happy birthday on Friday!

    • I know. Those young whippersnappers! Thanks for the birthday wishes. First time is a while we will not be spending it in NYC. We will be going next week for Kathy’s birthday instead.

  3. Does it make you feel any better if I tell you one of my eighth-graders a couple years ago encouraged me to read GWTW? It had been on my long to-read list, but I hadn’t tackled it yet. She told me it was her favorite novel! So I read it and thoroughly enjoyed it!

  4. I still haven’t read Gone With the Wind, but (you’ll love this) I picked up a larger print paperback of it this spring at our book sale. So my old eyes are ready for it! All that’s lacking is the rocker and the blanket. BTW, I’ve watched the movie many times.

  5. Well, that young man has a thing or two to learn about books! Happy Friday Birthday, Bob!

  6. I hear you! I was chatting with a new acquaintance about my job when a young (think early 20s) friend exclaimed, “I didn’t know you were still working!” Aargh!! Do I look that old?? (I’m almost 64. Not old in my book.)

  7. Oh, my! I can’t believe he hadn’t even heard of the movie. I always like it when I am talking about records and record players and kids say they’ve seen them or call the big CDs!

  8. Judy C.

    Hopefully this gave him some inspiration to read an “old” classic. Have a super birthday and remember age is only a number!

  9. My neurologist tells me we are the “young old.” How’s that for a category! I turned 70 last December, so I am now facing 71. Sometimes I feel 60; sometimes I feel 75. In my head I’m still 25. There’s no question that my body is aging, but I still feel young at heart. And from what I’ve read of your posts…so do you!

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