Quilt Odyssey 2017


On Friday Kathy and went took a trip to Hershey for the annual Quilt Odyssey.  As is always the case, the quilts on display did not disappoint.  Although this show is known more for its artsy quilts, there were a few more traditional ones on display as well.  Hope you enjoy this tour through the show.

To begin, there were more whole cloth quilts here than what I have usually seen.  In case you are not familiar with what a whole cloth quilt is let me explain.  It is usually one solid piece of fabric with an intricate design quilted over the entire top.  Sometimes batting is placed between rows of stitching to make the design pop. This is called trapunto.  You might be able to see some examples of trapunto on this quilt.


If there are any hockey fans out there, this one is for you.

IMG_2694 - Copy

Each quilt show has its share of pictorial quilts.  Here are a few.  This one won for best pictorial.

IMG_2697 - Copy

This one I just loved.

IMG_2707 - Copy

One more for the road.

IMG_2708 - Copy

Animals of all sorts are a popular theme for many quilts.

And of course, my favorite animal.

IMG_2709 - Copy

Traditional designs can take on a whole new look depending on the fabrics used.

IMG_2693 - Copy

Here are a few more of the traditional variety.

I happen to like bold bright colors.

A quilt doesn’t need to have many colors in it to be striking.


In recent years, row by row quilts have become more popular.


I think you can see why this one won first place in the group quilt category.


Here are a few more that I just decided to snap pictures of for no other reason than they caught my eye.

Not all quilts are square of rectangular.

IMG_2696 - Copy

To end with, here is the quilt that was chosen as Best of Show.  No explanation needed.


Next week, back to Sydney.


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22 responses to “Quilt Odyssey 2017

  1. I always live vicariously through these pictures, when you post them. The boat one looks like a photograph, not a quilt!

  2. Sara Thornton

    I love the cat quilt!

  3. Wow! Now that’s talent!

  4. lindabaie

    While each one is wonderful, the cat quilt is extraordinary to me. Wow, like a beautiful art collage. You know I’ve been gone, need to return to your older posts about Australia! Thanks for this new quilt post, too.

  5. What beautiful photographs. And such talented quilters. The art quilts are amazing, and so beyond anything I could ever do. But I love to look at them. And I love the traditional ones just as much.

  6. I love the photos! Such beautiful quilts and such a variety. A friend once said to me, “Why quilt something like this (a pictorial quilt)? Why not paint? I think these quilts answer that question!

  7. I’m always intrigued by all the different patterns and styles of quilts that are created. I am a traditional kind of quilt lover myself, but I do like the cat quilt that you shared. It’s on my bucket list to someday make my own quilt, even if it is small. I’m wondering if you or Kathy make quilts or if you just admire from afar.

  8. Those are true works of art. I just read a book about the Quilts of Gee’s Bend. They are famous for their folk art quality.

  9. What a show! Love the cat one but the one with pine cones was incredible. I also like the trapunto… so beautiful. I looked up “trapunto” as it sounded Italian to me. Yes, it’s Italian and means “to quilt.” (But you probably already know that.) Oh, well… learned something new today. Thank you for that!

  10. What a treat! Thanks for sharing. I have a friend who would love the cat one, but me it’s the boats. The reflection of the boats in the water is just a delight!

    Many pictures are worth a thousand words AND more! ❤

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