Summer Day

SOLSC _ Day 24

I know the season just changed to Spring.  However these cold one day warm the next has me longing for constantly warm temperatures.  My mind is set on Summer.  Even though I am not a fan of humidity, I do enjoy a warm sunny day.

Thinking of summer I thought of something I wrote a few years ago.  I may have shared this already in a previous post, but I don’t remember and I am too lazy to go back and check.

So, if you have already read this just ignore this post.  If you haven;t read this I hope you enjoy it.

Summer Day

In the predawn moments

She awakens.

With one eyelid raised she listens.

Melodious twittering enters through the open bedroom window.

One staccato voice, then another, and finally a third.

Organizing their day or

Reveling in last night’s madcap adventures?


On her way to breakfast

She glances out the dining room window.

The sun just kissing the horizon

Awakens the blossoms.

Petals slowly unfurl

Displaying their blue finery

To the observant eye.


Morning melds seamlessly into noon.

Passing by the living room window

Outside movement catches her eye.

A squirrel performing acrobatic maneuvers

Tries to free some golden kernels

Imprisoned in the wooden log house

Attached to the gnarled limb of a white birch tree.  Success!



An unfamiliar sound assaults her ears.

Running to a side window

She surreptitiously  looks out not knowing what she will find.

A neighbor pruning his shrubs in the sweltering heat of the day.

The hypnotic whir from the clippers

Reminds her of just how tired she is.


Contentedly, she washes her face with her right paw.

Fluffy tail curled around her body

She lazily stretches out on the windowsill

Head resting on front paws.

Eyes close.

Sleep comes.

All is right in her world.





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23 responses to “Summer Day

  1. She has had a busy day! I long for the warmth of the days to be consistent too.

  2. I long for those days, too. Like her, with no school in summer, I will be content to observe my neighborhood and nap in the sun.

  3. Even if you did post it before, this poem was definitely worth repeating, Bob. I love how you took us through the whole day with a lazy, yet sometimes busy, feeling. Love the nap at the end – my favorite thing on a summer afternoon, too.

  4. Judy C.

    Such a delightful poem. It was relaxing even tho she was busy with interruptions. We’ve had warm, hot, cool and cold days – waiting for constant temps (hopefully not too hot and humid).

  5. Love the big reveal that the subject is a cat. Could have been a human!

  6. This was lovely, Bob – you caught so much of a cat’s behavior and -isms just beautifully.

  7. Oh, this was tender and simply radiant, A. I could not help but smile at the reveal. I know of several felines who would like this read to the humans they own. Oops, I mean… 😉

  8. I long to live that purr-fect life just like her! I’ve never read your poem before and I think it’s beautifully crafted. Let’s hope Mother Nature makes up her mind soon!

  9. I hadn’t read it – and it was delightful! What a lovely poem.

  10. I’m not a cat person but yo broke me down and got me salivating for spring/summer…
    It’s so grey out there

  11. I’m so glad you reposted this wonderful poem. It is filled with beautiful lines — morning melds seamlessly into to noon — my favorite. I loved seeing and experience the world through your cat.

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