Not As Smart As It Thinks


SOLSC Day 23

I admit that there are many things that I am not smart about.  I wouldn’t think of trying to rewire the house.  If issues are being discussed and I have limited knowledge on the subject there is no way I would try to pass myself off as an expert on the subject.

If I do know something I am willing to share my “smarts” on that subject with others, but not in a way that it makes the other person feel inadequate or foolish.

This is not the case for all “smarties” or those who think they know better than you.  Since the end of December I have had numerous run-ins with one particular “smartie”.  Every time I do something S perceives as wrong I am told about it with an insufferable “beep”.

Yes, I am talking about my new car.  It is so smart that when I put the headlights on “auto” the high beams come on automatically when nothing is coming toward me and then they click off when approaching lights are sensed.  Except…sometimes they go off when the car’s headlights reflect off of a sign or the roadway.  Now I ask you, how smart is that?  Of course I talk to the car and tell it nicely that if it is so smart it should know better.

Another thing, if I veer out of my lane it beeps at me until I get back into my lane.  However, if there is a pothole in my lane of course I will veer into the other lane to avoid it.  Surely the car should be able to sense this if it is so smart.  Or, what if a delivery truck is parked in the driving lane?  If I don’t go around it I will crash into it.  Surely the camera can see that and not beep.  Again, not too smart.  Of course I tell it, but in a nice way.

Maybe if I keep pointing out things like this, always nicely of course, this car will realize that it is not as smart as it thinks.  Then again, it may just beep at to annoy me.


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23 responses to “Not As Smart As It Thinks

  1. Sometimes smart is not practical. Keep telling that car you do know what you are doing and you are keeping it safe. Love your perspective and humor!

  2. Katie Diez

    This is fantastic! I was expecting something completely different! You had me thinking that you were talking about a friend, or colleague, but your car!?!? What a great Slice!

  3. This post made me laugh – just what I needed. I was surprised it was the car!

  4. lindabaie

    My daughter has a car that is smart too, and the conversations she has with it are often, and on occasion not so nice. You are good to be polite, but remember you have the key and the power to turn it all off! This was fun to read, to understand that if I ever get a new car, my worries will not be over!

  5. I thought you were talking about your phone. This makes me want to keep my 2005 Toyota. I am not looking forward to a bossy car.

  6. Yes, things all around us keep getting smarter. The one I have the most “conversations” with? My new washer.

  7. What a great post – full of humor and noticings. And something I think we can all connect to. I think I tend to talk back to objects, too, but maybe not in such a pleasant way as you.

  8. Oh, I enjoyed this. The smarter they are, the more dumb they get I tell you. At least it only beeps at you. At the rate these things are being made I fully expect to see a post where it bleeped instead. Thanks for the laugh.

  9. This was so fun! I thought that you were going have a real live nemesis, and then it was your car. Your examples are priceless and your responses, so calm and “smart”.

  10. Judy C.

    Fun post. Makes me want to rethink getting a “smart” car in the future. I have enough problems with our “smart” GPS that thinks it knows exactly how we should go and if we divert, oh my you can just hear the unbelief in her voice and the not so patient make a U-turn as soon as possible.

  11. Haha! Having a “smart” car just scares me when it’s time for a new car. I’ve heard that some cars parallel park themselves. No thanks. Good luck, my friend!

  12. Smart phones; smart cars, right? Getting you ready for an autonomous car. 🙂 So what happens when its “brain” has a hiccup? My stove had a “brain” problem the Tues before Thanksgiving. And that was a near disaster!

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