Pretzels and More


SOLSC Day 21

I previously mentioned that Kathy had guild and that she was on the refreshment committee.  She did take some creu de te along with some ranch dip.

She also thought it would be nice to take a little sweetness.  Personally, when taking things for a group I prefer something bite sized so that it doesn’t need to be cut.  What to make?

Kathy had seen something in one of her Facebook posts so we thought we would try it.  What do you see when looking at this?

candy 1

Do you see a sheet of mini pretzels?  What if you were to melt some white candy melts, shape them into ovals, add some pink details using cookie icing, and a half of a mini marshmallow?  These pretzels are now “Bunny Butts”.

candy 3

This was our first attempt at making these so they are not as perfect as they should be, but what the heck?

The other thing we made turned out a bit better.  Start with a pretzed snap.

candy 4

Top with a candy melt and bake at 350 degrees for 90 seconds…no more, no less. Push an M&M into the soft candy and this is what you have.

candy 2

Now Kathy is set with her end of the refreshments.


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22 responses to “Pretzels and More

  1. Love the snacks! I saw those bunnies but wondered if they needed more time and expertise than I had available!

  2. These snacks are adorable! So nice that you worked together on it. I appreciate a man who knows his way around the kitchen.

  3. I’m sure the guild members were delighted with the treats. I had to laugh at the bunny butts. So a pretzel is the base for lots of sweet and salty treats. A perfect blend of both. Well done Robert!

  4. Judy C.

    Cute – love those bunny butts! I’m sure they were well received at Kathy’s meeting and it seems as though you both enjoyed making them (and nibbling just a little?).

  5. OMG – bunny butts! You are very creative – but this post is making me very hungry! I love the idea of combining salty and sweet, always a great idea! Thanks for sharing the photos, too!

  6. “Bunny Butts”!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA! You know this appeals to my always prurient 12 year old mindset. Both sweeties look, and look like they would taste, wonderful. I still want lemon bars, though.

  7. I am ABSOLUTELY going to try the bunnies this with my nieces. I will report back!

  8. Alice Nine

    LOL. Salty and sweet– always the best!

  9. The bunny butts are so so cute. I have had these types of pretzel treats….are they still a pretzel?

  10. Those bunny snacks are adorable – and funny, too!

  11. Bunny treats! They are perfect! I need to make them for my bunny friends but the kitchen and I don’t gat along!

  12. The bunny butts are adorable! They look great!

  13. Oh my, the things people think of! It looks like a great effort by you and Kathy.

  14. I love the bunny butts! We like to call “poison tester” to be the first person to try a new treat.

  15. Fun to take a risk and do something different.

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