Stretching For A Topic


SOLSC Day 20

N – No exciting things happening around here;

O – Only me and the cats at home.

T – Today Kathy has quilt guild, so she won’t be home until tonight.

H- Having some leftover spaghetti and meatballs for dinner;

I – I might make a small salad to go with that.

N – Not exactly sure how I want to spend the day;

G – Going to spend some time reading, though.


T – Thinking about possible topics for the rest of the week;

O – One will be about the show on Saturday.


W – Winter is finally gone; Spring has arrived.

R – Really glad for the change of seasons;

I – I am ready for this snow to melt.

T – Thinking it better melt slowly or I will have a flooded basement.

E – Envisioning a mess if I do.


A – Anticipating our upcoming trip;

B – Browsing through pictures a friend gave us.

O – Only a little more than a month left;

U – Until we take off.

T – Time sure flies.


T – Time to bring this post to a close;

O – Only a few more lines to write.

D – Didn’t know where this was going;

A – And still no definite point to it.

Y – You all have a nice day!


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32 responses to “Stretching For A Topic

  1. Perfect ! I love this format

  2. lindabaie

    And still you wrote, and an acrostic poem too! Have a great day with that “nothing to write about” already written!

  3. Judy C.

    And for nothing to write about, you have a great slice. Happy Spring!

  4. I can see you took the Jane Yolen quote at the top of today’s TWT page to heart. It looks like you might have generated some ideas for tomorrow. What was in those photos? What did you read? Where did you read it? How are you prepping for your trip?

  5. MAK

    I think you found a great topic. This is a great way for my students to use acrostic for writing when they are stumped about what to write. May I use you as a mentor text?

  6. HAH! * Applauds & Bows * When penning nothing is brilliantly penned.

  7. I love it and I think it’s perfectly crafted. Enjoy your day, Bob!

  8. This has been a real challenge for me as well this year…Love this approach.
    Thanks Bob.

  9. I think this is perfect! “Something from Nothing!”

  10. You just go to show, there is always something to write, even when you think there is nothing to write. You made it another day and you will again and again.

  11. You did it! I knew you’d be able to after the rundown of your week ahead. Keep us posted!

  12. You are SO inventive, Bob – plus, you always find a way to make us chuckle. Thank you!

  13. Loved this Bob. Really gives us a glimpse of your day – lots to write about after all!

  14. At first glance, you had me smiling. Clever way to overcome a slump. I loved it.

  15. This is the time so many are finding this bump in the road. I love how you swerved around it!

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