A Busy Week Ahead


SOLSC Day 19

I was looking at the calendar to see what’s on tap for this week.  Maybe I shouldn’t have looked.  The first thing I noticed about the week is that except for today and tomorrow, I am going to be out every other day of the week.  Kathy will also be out tomorrow.

So what all is happening?  Well, tomorrow Kathy has her monthly quilt guild meeting so she will be gone during the afternoon and evening.  She is on the refreshment committee this month so we (yes, I will help her) will be working on getting her contribution  together.  Since she is taking munchies and dip that will involve cleaning and slicing celery and carrots, making the dip. bagging things for easy transport, and finding our relish trays .  It won’t take long to do, but it needs to be done.

While Kathy is at guild on Monday I need to shovel a path from the road to our propane tank.  This is the only shoveling I have yet to do.  I am not sure when we are scheduled for our next delivery, but I know it is easier for the guys if a path is cleared.  I know I wouldn’t want to be dragging a hose through two feet of snow.

Tuesday I have an appointment to get my teeth cleaned.  I am so glad it wasn’t scheduled for last week.  I also need to go get a renal x-ray before my next appointment with my urologist. When I get home I need to bake some lemon bars because…

Wednesday is food pantry day.  Kathy and I go help out filling the bags for the people who come.  Kathy then helps with the paperwork while I help carry the bags out to the cars. What does this have to do with yesterday’s lemon bars? Well, the workers like them.  They like having a snack during the down time between when we finish filling the bags and the pantry is open for business.  I have offered to make other tings but the answer is always “No”. They want lemon bars since they only get them every other month.

Thursday we are going to a brunch for the Dauphin and Lebanon county school retirees.  Should be fun.  I know the food will be good.

Friday we have lunch out with some friends.  These are people I went to Penn State with 40 plus years ago.  We get together monthly just to touch base with each other.

Saturday we have tickets for Sound of Music at the Hershey Theatre.  I have seen the movie countless times but have never seen the stage production.  I am looking forward to it.

What this all means is it is going to be hit or miss as far as posting goes for the week.  I do know I will post every day but I am not sure what time of day that will be.  I also make no guarantees about the quality of the posts.  Some might be quite short.

If I were organized or a planner I would use today and tomorrow to write several drafts and then just pull one up each day.  Unfortunately, that is not me.  So fair warning, this week you get what you get.


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41 responses to “A Busy Week Ahead

  1. You are embracing the flows of life. Some weeks are busier than others. My upcoming week is also extremely jam packed, but take a deep breath and one step at a time. 🙂 Your readers will understand.

  2. Don’t worry about passionate posts or wise words this week. Just take that moment to breathe and blog and move on. You can do it, we’ll be here to support you!

  3. Isn’t it strange how some weeks a jam packed and others are empty. Sometimes I wish things would even out.

  4. Sometimes it seems best when I face life day by day…but other times it seems best to know and plan for what is ahead. I too have a crazy busy week with parent teacher conferences so my posting will also be all over the place!

  5. I am inspired by your week! What a good mix of service and social. And exercise with the snow shoveling.

  6. Isn’t it amazing what retirement brings?! So many ways to keep busy and enjoy life. Can’t wait to hear more.

  7. lindabaie

    it sounds like a nice week full of friends and good times. Even teeth cleaning is nice to get done! Have a wonder of a week slicing around all the other stuff. FYI – lemon bars are the best, my son’s favorite!

  8. I’ll bet you are looking forward to the show on Saturday! Which reminds me that I haven’t seen any theater in much too long.

  9. Judy C.

    How ever would you handle all this if you were still working? Isn’t retirement wonderful – so many choices of things to do. And enjoy lemon bars too! The theatre sounds wonderful – enjoy the performance.

  10. Your posts always make me smile as I continue to learn about you (and your wife’s) daily routines which you so generously share. Yep, sounds like a challenging week as far as writing goes. You are such a genuine, regular contributor and commentor that I’m sure your faithful readers, myself among them, will give you a pass. (Try writing a one-liner in advance for each event in advance that might trigger a short post when the time comes to write.) Most of all…enjoy your wonderful, busy week ahead.

  11. A busy week, for sure. You will enjoy the stage version of Sound of Music. It will be very familiar, but it does have some songs that are different. Seeing it at the Beef and Boards dinner theater with my mom (I took her for her 81st birthday) is a very fond memory.

  12. Holy Cow! You are so busy! What fun to have better weather this week with all that you have scheduled! ❤

  13. It always seems that we are just as busy in retirement as with work, if not more so – hopefully (aside from the doctor’s appointments) it’s just as fun!

  14. That was my week the first week of March. Busy but fun. Hope it goes smoothly.

  15. You shouldn’t have a lack of ideas that’s for sure. I hope the sunshine melted some of that snow and you don’t have to shovel. I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous about your Sunday plans at the Hershey Theatre.

  16. That is a busy week! I bet it will go by quickly. Hershey Theatre sounds wonderful. We just saw a show in NYC last week, and now I just want to go to the theatre more and more! It had been way too long.

  17. Sometimes short posts really hit the mark so blog on.

  18. I think you are going to be surprised how many slices you get out of that week! Just have something to scribble notes onto while you are on they go. 🙂 And as we say in Kindergarten, “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset!”

  19. Plenty of material to write from even it they are short! Have a fun week – so much to do!

  20. Wow, that is a busy week! I suppose that it’s best to some time just do the living well. Whatever slices come from it, I look forward to reading them.

  21. You have a busy week indeed. Having already submitted micro slices twice this month I understand the need for them. Live life first, slice about it later, sometimes much later and we’ll be here for whenever you get time to serve a slice. Now I have a craving for lemon bars – thanks.

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