Good News, At Least I’m Happy


SOLSC Day 18

Several years ago our one and only grocery store in the Hegins Valley closed.  I was upset. Not because now I would have to travel 20 miles instead of 2 when our milk supply was low.  I wasn’t even upset by the fact that I wouldn’t get gas points that I could use to get money off the price per gallon of gas I bought at the pumps over there.

No, I was upset because there would be no more in store restaurant.  Yes, in the little alcove next to the deli counter there was a restaurant. It didn’t seat more than 30 people.  There were always daily specials.  The salad bar, though small, had a nice variety of items on it.  There were always two kinds of homemade soups.

The place was always crowded.  It was a nice gathering place for the valley folk.  You could have breakfast, lunch, or dinner and then do your grocery shopping.

Now it would be gone.  After a year of waiting Redner.s bought the market and reopened the store.  Now I would not have to travel far for groceries.  However, they decided not to reopen the restaurant.  Instead they used the alcove to house the bread items.  Bummer.

Redners has been operating for a few years now and I just recently read in the local paper that they are planning to reopen the restaurant.  Yippee!  The bread will be relocated to a different area of the store and the restaurant is going back where it was.  I am sure that I am not the only one in the valley that is thrilled by this.


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34 responses to “Good News, At Least I’m Happy

  1. The restaurant sounds like a sweet place to gather over simple, healthy fare. What a wonderful space to look forward to becoming re-invented. Hope it is the same and in some ways even better.

  2. That was perfect news for you. I’m sure you will enjoy the food and fellowship so close to home. Real community!

  3. Easy access to prepared food is always a winner! I hope their recipes are just as good as the previous cooks.

  4. Food brings people. We need these gathering places. I’m glad you have yours back!

  5. Hooray! The restaurant you described served more purposes than serving food. Other needs were met there. So glad you are getting it back!

  6. Oh – it is the little things that make our day! I love little gathering places like this.

  7. It’s so neat how each community has a special place to congregate and where we feel comfortable to visit.

  8. Michelle @litlearningzone

    It’s funny how those little things that you count on are what you miss the most! Happy to hear a restaurant will be returning soon! Such a treat!

  9. Judy C.

    Such a little thing that made a difference in your life. Now you can enjoy not only getting your groceries close to home, but enjoy some good food too.

  10. It seems like so many of those special, small places that we care about are being replaced or just closed by big box stores. I miss our local stores. Here in Canada most have been replaced by American big box places – not even by Canadian stores. Glad to hear that you will once again have your restaurant back. A big plus!

  11. Colin Davitt

    I always hate when those special little restaurants close. We have one that we go to and have created lots of memories around. Must be fantastic to have it opening again.

  12. It is in the small things that we find happiness. I imagine the community that thrives in the little restaurant with the daily specials and the homemade soups.

  13. I wonder if it was customer pressure that they decided to reopen. Happy for you – little things do mean a lot.

  14. Awe!! What a happy day for you! That hometown feel will be back and you can still get your bread. Enjoy!!!

    • Since out bank is also in the grocery store I can get some money, have a bite to eat, and do some grocery shopping all without leaving the store.

  15. lindabaie

    Having only the one store must have meant you saw a lot of people you knew there too. Glad you now have a store close again, and soon a restaurant. That’s great.

  16. Bread is good, bit the restaurant (and local gathering place) is better.

  17. Oh happy day for you! Enjoy the grand re-opening.

  18. Looking forward to it.

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