Snow Update


SOLSC – Day 16

Well, I spent the day shoveling, in half hour to forty-five increments.  Seems that is about all I am good for these days.

Anyway, to begin with I had to work at pushing open the storm door because the snow had drifted onto the porch and had us trapped.

snow 3

After getting the shovel and clearing off the porch it was back to the driveway.  Before I could shovel a new spot I had to reshovel what I did yesterday because it had all drifted back.  Frustrating!

snow 2

As I was working, our neighbor came by with a front loader and began clearing the roadway that goes beside our house and back to his.  At one point he stopped and asked me if I would like him to use the front loader on our driveway to clear as much snow as he could.  He didn’t have to ask twice.  This was a godsend because we bought a new washer and it is to be delivered on Friday.  Wasn’t sure I would have all of the snow moved by then.

He got as close to the cars as possible so that we wouldn’t have too much left to shovel.  When he left I got the snow behind my car moved and about half of the snow behind Kathy’s car.

Also had to reshovel the path to the bird feeders.

snow 4

Still didn’t get the cars cleaned off or the mailboxes dug out.  That’s for tomorrow.  I did, however shovel a path to the bird feeder so that I could put some food in the feeders for them.  I guess it’s all about priorities.

When I was a kid I my friends and I would look snow piles like this so that we could play on them and in them.  Yes, we would dig tunnels through them…not the safest thing to do.

snow 1

Things change as we get older.


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19 responses to “Snow Update

  1. My mom texted that she was not looking forward to having to clear all of the heavy snow. I felt very guilty that I could not help. The pictures you share are so vibrant – thank you!

  2. Lisa C

    That is a lot of snow! I am glad you are dealing with it in short bursts of time. And thank goodness for generous neighbours.

  3. Alice Nine

    I enjoyed vicariously experiencing your great snow through your delightful report with photos. That’s a lot of snow! I wonder how many days it will be around. Will spring temperatures or spring rains help it disappear quickly?

  4. I hope the sun will help out and melt the snow soon.

  5. So glad the neighbor could help out. I’m still in awe of the amount of snow. I bet the birds are delighted with your dedication to their needs.

  6. Happy to hear of the help! So much snow is pretty to see, good drinks for nature, hardest for the humans! Take care!

  7. Glad you got the help, still, you had a lot of work to do.

    Isn’t it funny that we even survived, thinking of all the unsafe things we did as kids?

  8. When I was a kid we would certainly have built forts on those “castles” .

  9. Glad you ran into the neighbor with the front loader! I can’t believe how much snow there is to shovel, and that you still have the mailboxes and cars to dig out! I hope those birds know how lucky they are!

  10. Judy C.

    Thank goodness for neighbors. That snow is unbelieveable. I remember when we lived in IL that we would see piles and drifts like yours. I do not miss it at all! Take care shoveling.

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