French Toast Alert


SOLSC Day 13

Listening to the weather report and the prediction of 12-20 inches of snow, people here are on a French Toast Alert.  For those who are not familiar with this term it  means a trip to the grocery store to stock up on milk, bread, and eggs – if the store is not out of them as so often happens with this kind of alert.

Well, I admit that my list is made for the store as well.  However, the things listed above are not on it.  We have all three of those items. I have other essentials that I need in case we are snowed in.

Checking my list you can see what the inclement weather staples are in our house. In the produce aisle I will need to get some bananas since I like  bananas with my cereal.  Opposite the produce is the bakery.  Those iced cinnamon buns are sounding good.  After all, if I have to shovel snow I need some energy.  I did read somewhere that cinnamon is good for you so I can kill two birds with one stone by buying these.

I might as well pick up some OJ since I will be in the dairy aisle. The OJ is next to the milk.

Now, the most important thing and the reason for going to the store.  I need a bag of Purina One and several cans of Friskies.  Guess who these are for.  All right, I admit that I like a crunchy snack and canned chicken pate.

Now I just hope the store hasn’t run out of what I need.  I could do without the fruit, bakery item,and OJ.  But not having the cat food would make for three very disgruntled beasties.


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29 responses to “French Toast Alert

  1. Iced cinnamon buns on a snowy day – nice connection. I figured that before the end of he slice the cats would get something too. How else could it be.

  2. dianeandlynne

    “French Toast Alert” never heard of that one–but I trekked to the store too since we’re having guests for dinner tonight. What a mess. It’s not like there’s not a WaWa every 1/4 mile around here.

  3. Leah

    Can’t imagine being really snowed in, must be quite an experience!

  4. lindabaie

    The weather people are really making a big fuss of this storm. Hope all moves by fast for you! Love your French toast emergency. There have been a few times we’ve run out of things because of a blizzard, but amazingly here it’s going to be in the 70’s. We could use of little snow, really! Bunker down!

  5. Got a chuckle from your kitty remarks at the end. But this storm is hitting us too. After the weeks of no snow and now we are getting dumped on. Tomorrow my hubby is scheduled for an angiogram – worried now as well about the snow. Ugh.

  6. Hope you will continue to have power through this storm. But I guess you do have some furry bodies to snuggle with if it does go out. 🙂 I’m grateful we won’t be seeing any of this snow. Stay safe!

  7. Judy C.

    We were lucky with our 2″ and it’s all melted, but we’re still cold. Hopefully the weatherman’s prediction will be wrong and you’ll have an extra supply of cat food along with substance for yourself.

  8. I hadn’t heard the term “French toast alert,” but it is so descriptive. I’ll borrow that for use sometime! No snow coming this way, but we had to make a special trip yesterday just for dog food, because somehow we had run out. Snow or no snow, those sweet pets have to eat!

  9. French Toast Alert – you know after years of this, I have never put that together and now I’m never going to forget it. I’m on emergency alert and have to work tomorrow. So NOT looking forward to it and I they won’t even let me make french toast at work! *grumble*.

  10. Thankfully I didn’t have to get to the store today! I never heard that particular phenomenon called The French Toast alert, but it certainly fits. Stay safe and warm tomorrow.

  11. Oh! Thank you for the French toast alert. I pulled my “French toast” bread out of the freezer and it should be ready to go for tomorrow morning. My Kings syrup is setting on the counter ready to go too. It’s my favorite! School is already cancelled for tomorrow so I am looking forward to this delightful breakfast. Stay warm and stay safe, Bob.

  12. You too, Amy. Enjoy the French toast and a day off.

  13. Ah, yes. Blizzard shopping. Just did this after school today, with great reluctance I might add.

  14. I really enjoyed your list of things, the items were described so well and with a sense of humor. My favorite was part was when you decided that the only thing truly necessary was the cat food! LOL.

  15. Of course, cat food on the French Toast run.

  16. Alice Nine

    Stay safe. Stay warm. And enjoy those cinnamon buns whether you shovel snow or not. “French toast run” is a new one to me.

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