Longwood Gardens Part 6


SOLSC Day 12

Today we are going to finish up our trip to Longwood Gardens.  I can hear your relief.  After we left the duPonte House we walked down to one of the lakes on the property.


As we walked. we passed a blooming crocus, then two, and finally a whole patch in bloom.

At the lake we could see some geese on the far side.


At this point Erika had to leave us to get home before her sons got home from school.  It was so wonderful spending this time with her.  After she left, Kathy and walked around the lake.  We saw these interesting bushes.  I don’t know what they are.  I did read their names while we were there but I didn’t jot it down.

There is a gazebo by the lake.  My understanding is that it is a favorite spot for weddings.  I can see why.  I bet it is just beautiful at different times of the year.


We then decided to walk back to the entrance and head home.  On the way we stopped to rest and just enjoy the surroundings.


If I am not mistaken these are roses making up the arches.  It must be a sight to see when they are in bloom.  Another reason to go back.  This is what we saw in the center of the area.


Remember back in a earlier post I had said that when we entered there were many orchids on display and for sale?  Well, as we were leaving there were very few left.  We looked at what was there and still ended up buying two.  We bought small ones because with three cats at home safe spots for flowers is at a premium.  So many people say that orchids are easy to grow.  We shall see.


We got in the cat, programmed the GPS for home, and set off.  Of course it took us via a different route than the way we came.  When we got back to Reading we just had to stop an B & N. I think my car is programmed to automatically stop at any book store it passes. A slice of quiche, a slice of cheesecake, a frappachino, and some new books made a perfect ending to a wonderful day.


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28 responses to “Longwood Gardens Part 6

  1. Well, this was a happy surprise because I thought yesterday was the last day. As I mentioned before we have visited the conservatory in Pittsburgh. It is beautiful too, but Longwood Gardens is much, much larger than I ever anticipated. When I sit down to create my summer 2017 bucket list, this is definitely making the list. Your orchid is beautiful. It’s my favorite color. Thanks for sharing, Bob.

  2. What a great way to spend your vacation. Love the pictures and glad you stopped off at B&N.

  3. What a great place to visit. Do you think you’d go back to see the grounds in Spring or Summer?

  4. Now that was quite a day! Thanks for taking me on the journey and sights of Longwood Gardens.

  5. I loved looking at your photos of Longwood, one of my favorite spots. It was relaxing to view them. I felt like I was strolling with you. Often, we stop at the Gables on the way home for some appetizers and a glass of wine. We’ll return in April for the tulips and in June for the roses and to view the new fountains!

  6. There is always something new to discover at Longwood. I hope you return often to see how the displays change. Thanks for the beautiful pics. I never tire of looking at Longwood from every perspective.

  7. It’s so cool to see those trees and bushes trained and waiting for Spring so they can bloom. I’ve enjoyed this field trip with you…so, where to next?!

  8. lindabaie

    I can’t believe this was all in one day! So much to enjoy, and I’m glad the weather was nice, too. I hope you do return to see those rose arches. Wow, they will be wonderful. I think those red stems are dogwoods, but not sure of course. Love the ending at B & N, totally satisfying!

  9. Judy C.

    I can only imagine what the grounds will look like once spring and summer arrive. A beautiful garden. Thanks for taking us along on this delightful journey. And then, to end it at B&N – what a fantastic day!

  10. So relaxing… and I love your stop at B&N. I was gifted a phalaenopsis orchid a couple years ago and with minimal care, it has bloomed several times… so beautiful and they are not as fragile as I thought they would be.

  11. Hopefully we an keep ours alive and blooming.

  12. I wish I lived closer to make a late spring/ summer visit. If you return when the roses bloom please let us know by sharing a picture! Loved this journey into the early spring garden!

  13. What a fabulous conclusion to your outing! I hope your orchids thrive.

  14. I have to say, you got a lot out of one day! I had to remind myself this was a single excursion of a few hours. Oh, but I’ve enjoyed being a voyeur of it all.

  15. Now comes the tough part of the challenge. What will I find to write about for the rest of the month?

  16. Erika Haak

    I really enjoyed reading all six post of Longwood, it really is an amazing place. So many future trips possible! Please always let me know and I can come over and just be your passkey to get in 🙂 I didn’t buy an orchid when I left you that day, but then regretted it. I saw some on sale at our Giant–only $8.00 for little mini ones, so I got one! We will see if it lives and blooms! I will send you a photo!

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