The New Computer



I love a sale.

A few months ago Kathy received a message saying that  support for her computer would be discontinued.  Her computer isn’t all that old, at least not in my book.  Anyway, we really weren’t really looking for a replacement at this time.  I know you sense a “yet”coming so here it is.  Yet, while we were at Staples getting some ink cartridges for our printer we thought we would look to see what they had.

Kathy had a few requirements the biggest of which being that it have a CD ROM drive.  She has many CDs that came with her sewing machine and some of her quilt book so she needs a way to watch them.  She didn’t want to have to buy an external drive to be able to watch her CDs.

Secondly, it had to be an HP.  This is the only brand of computer we have ever had.  She is used to its workings and is comfortable with it.

As luck would have it they had one that met her needs plus it had a 17 inch screen.  This was not a requirement but a nice extra.  The best part, it was on sale for $399.  I guess this way they can advertise new computers for under $400.  Don’t you just love marketing strategies?

So, we looked for Neil, the salesman.  We like him because he is extremely knowledgeable and very patient with seniors like us.  He listened to Kathy’s needs and agreed that the computer we were looking at would do what she wanted.

Then came the add-ons.  Of course Kathy needs Microsoft Office because she is librarian for her quilt guild.  She writes a monthly column for the guild newsletter plus keeps an excel spreadsheet with the library holdings.  Now, did she want the Office software that has to be renewed yearly or did she want the buy the once and be done version.    Oh, and to sweeten the deal if we bought office they would throw in a free mouse.  Now I ask you, who could pass up a deal like that?She went with the once and done version. Add some $$$.

Next, to protect the computer it was necessary to install virus protection.  Staples just started using McAfee.  OK, this is needed.  Let’s add a few more $$$.

Now, did we want them to set up the computer and transfer files from old to new? Of course, if we went with all three there was a 20% discount on the total package of services. Well, she needed her guild files plus other things on the new computer.  What’s a few more $$$.

Let us not forget that we need to buy a new jump drive as well.  This was needed to back up the system so that if anything were to happen all start up information could once again be reinstalled.  Although not super expensive let us add a few more $$$.

Now, over to the desk to tally up the damages. Suddenly that computer that was on sale for $399, with add-ons and taxes was now nearing the $1000 mark.  I just love a sale.


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29 responses to “The New Computer

  1. Bob,
    I believe it’s a racket. Here’s the basic which no one will buy. And then what about . . .? What about…? And voila, the end result does NOT feel like a bargain. My limit. No more than double the original price when I walk out the door!

    What fun for Kathy to have a new computer for her quilt work! ❤

    • I agree, Fran, it is a racket. I have even see stores raise the price of an item they put on sale so that the sale price is the same as the price of the item before it was placed on sale.

  2. It’s as bad as buying a car, just not quite as expensive. I agree with Kathy about the internal drive. Our new school computer don;t have one and it is a pain in the neck to have to check out the external drive from the library.

  3. Judy C.

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly those “little” extras add up to big bucks? Don’t you remember when everything was included on the computer and you didn’t have to buy all the extras just to make the computer work. Hope Kathy is enjoying her new computer.

  4. I hear you! I went through the same thing when I got my new computer last year. All the extras to buy are so annoying, but yet necessary. Ugh!

  5. Isn’t that the truth! Once again your words gave me a good laugh!

  6. lindabaie

    It always happens, but spread out that $1000. over a couple of years, right? It’s well worth having a new machine. My laptop is getting older & I rather yearn for “new”. Your post today made me know I’ll wait a little longer, though, despite my arguments I just made to you! Soon, though!

  7. It is a racket…and part of us knows this, the rational part, yet that $300 entices us each and every time, doesn’t it?

  8. That’s an excellent deal !

  9. A new car, a new computer! Those add-ons get you every time. Even when we go out to eat, I’m sticker shocked. There’s the appetizers, drinks, dinner, and dessert! Yikes, before I know it I’m wondering why we just didn’t stay home.

  10. Lisa C

    They are very sneaky with computer pricing! And phone pricing, and car pricing…Hope you enjoy the new computer, despite all the $$$$$!

  11. I could just picture you two in the store! What fun having a new gadget, even if it was more than you bargained for.

  12. Ha! Oh my gosh, your ending just made me laugh. I had forgotten that refrain from the beginning of your Slice because I was so wrapped up in computer shopping with you and Kathy!

    Love the way you told this story!

  13. mrssurridge

    This post made me laugh. I feel like this is what happens to me at Target or Costco. You can’t NOT buy all that stuff!

  14. Your slice made me smile. We just got a new car not too long ago and boy did that salesman try to add on things. But we held to our position – and only had to pay an extra $5000. But it was on sale.

  15. The moment I read “Staples” I knew where this was going. I’m laughing, but I’m cringing. That was one heck of a sale indeed. Enjoy your new acquisition!

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