This Is So Unlike Me


I am usually a patient guy.  I try not to let things rattle my cage too much.  I generally go with the flow.

So, what I did last week was so out of character for me.  I don’t know if it was the approaching storm or if my meds got to me.  Here’s what happened.

I had an appointment with my ENT.  I go every four months to have my ears checked and dewaxed.  I tend to get a build up.  I had a 10:15 appointment.  Usually when Kathy and I go out we make a list of things we need to do and places we need to go.  Make the trip count.  This trip was no different.

There were four or five things we needed to do after my appointment.  Some had to be done by a certain time because places would close.  When I got to the doctor’s office I noticed that the waiting room was full.I knew I would not be taken back at my scheduled time.  As I sat I noticed that no one was being called back and very few were leaving.  The doctor was running behind schedule.  Fine.

Because of the weather forecast and the list of things I needed to do I was getting antsy.  After 30 minutes I decided to ask the receptionist how late the doctor was running.  She asked for my name, checked her list and told me it would be at least 45 minutes before I was called back.  I know from previous visits that when I go back it is at least 15 minutes before the doctor comes in.  That puts my wait to an hour plus the half hour I already waited.

I found this unacceptable.  Why should I have to wait that long just because the office staff overbooked.  I told the woman that I had other things to do and I had to go.  Could they call me when the doctor got caught up a little.  They don’t do that.

Well then, why didn’t they call me before I left home to tell me the doctor was running late.  They knew before I got there he was off schedule.  I was annoyed.  I told her that I was going to leave and did.

Normally this would not have bothered me and I would have waited.  I don’t know what had me so anxious this time.  Now i have to make a new appointment.  I will ask for a time when they are not overbooked,


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23 responses to “This Is So Unlike Me

  1. I’m with you. Running a bit behind can be forgiven, but an hour is too long. My vet has called me to let me know they are running late and to tell me to come a bit later. That just seems courteous to me.

  2. Terje

    I hope the next time goes smoothly and quickly.

  3. lindabaie

    I’ve done this once a long while ago. And I don’t go to that doctor anymore. An uncle told me his own story about waiting, and then figuring his time was as valuable and he wouldn’t wait that long for the doctor. It’s rather irresponsible of them to be so late. If there had been an emergency, they should have told you. It’s great you left!

    • I agree. I understand emergencies happen. I don’t think there is ever a reason for the office workers to overbook. I will go back once more and let the doctor know. If it happens again, I will find a new doctor.

  4. I hope they don’t bill you for the appointment – that would just be the icing on the cake. The worst is when you finally get called back and end up sitting another half hour. Everyone’s time is precious… maybe it’s time to find a new doctor.

  5. What an aggravating situation! I think you were right to leave. Hopefully, you were able to enjoy a great lunch.

  6. Judy C.

    Oh, I can so relate to this experience. Hubby and I are always early for the appointments and then we have to wait and wait. I agree, even though we are retired, our time is just as precious as the doctors. All I ask for is an explanation for the delay, but that doesn’t happen very often.

  7. perhaps it was the bad-weather-approaching? I know what that does to our students!

  8. I would be annoyed too; your time is valuable, and although you expect to wait at a doctor’s office, there are limits. I hope you get a better appointment, Bob – insist upon it!

  9. I can so relate. Too many doctors make their patients wait too long. I always bring a book but I resent my time being wasted. One specialist I went to tho, took me in after only a 5 minute wait. I was stunned. Why can’t they all do this – especially my GP??

  10. Just had a thought. They should hand out those timers that restaurants have – so you can be buzzed when your turn is coming.

  11. LSquared

    I’m going with the idea that sometimes we get to be dissatisfied. And your time is valuable. I think it was a good thing that it ruffled you. 🙂

  12. You may be only human, and we all have off days, but your time is valuable. Think of it as balancing the field – they had that one coming for all the times you were patient.

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