The King (at least in his mind)


He sits high above the others surveying his kingdom and his subjects.  He is the ruler of all he sees.  From his seat of power he determines who may approach and if they should be given an audience.


Others have tried to dethrone him, but he stands or is it sits his ground.  After all, he holds the advantage.  Get too close an the weapons might come out. Subjects, after all, must bow to the supreme ruler.  They may approach but not get too close.


All must show due respect. Those being ruled must know their place.


Meeting the peons is tiring work.  One last look at his kingdom before leaving the throne.


All audiences have been granted for the day.  Now it is on to more serious matters of state.  From the throne his highness retires to a more comfortable seat.


He then relaxes contemplating the good life he leads.  Personally. I think he is just sleeping.



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16 responses to “The King (at least in his mind)

  1. This is so funny and really captures the cat personality.

  2. Such a personality! Love the gallery walk. Funny thing, your post made me think of the times I played “king of the hill” with my brothers and neighborhood kids. Animals. People. Not much difference. Along that line, if you haven’t, you should read Elsie’s post on birds.

  3. Love it! Cats do all seem to think of themselves as rulers, but some just have that royal personality!

  4. Hahaha! This is great! The life of cats.

  5. He is regal, but then who wouldn’t look the part perched on the pedestal. What a fun glimpse into the life of a special cat!

  6. A legend in his own mind….. What a funny post today!

  7. It’s this simple, I love him! 💙

  8. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have a plethora of human friends equally, but happily, subjected to the myriad whims and fancies of their feline overlords who would understand this completely.

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