I Am Not a Procrastinator


I do not procrastinate just because I wait until the week before Christmas to start my shopping.  After all, isn’t that when you find the best bargains?

I do not procrastinate just because I haven’t baked any Christmas cookies yet.  After all, since friends give us cookies isn’t it best to see what we get before making our own?  That way we don’t have too many of the same kind of cookie.

I do not procrastinate just because I didn’t send out Christmas cards before last week.  After all, it’s best to see who we get cards from so that we can send them cards as well. That way I don’t miss anyone.

I don’t procrastinate just because I haven’t totally decorated the house yet.  After all, with three cats one must be careful as to what goes where.  Don’t want things being toppled over in the middle of the night.

I don’t procrastinate just because I am posting after noon instead of before noon.  After all, I had to read and respond to other posts first.  In all honesty I was looking for ideas for today’s post.

Whatever the case, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays.  Whatever you celebrate, I wish you the best.


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15 responses to “I Am Not a Procrastinator

  1. I like your thinking! I am also not a procrastinator.

  2. Judy C.

    I knew there was a reason to wait and I know it’s not procrastination! Blessings to you & Kathy

  3. You are a careful planner who uses his time wisely. No procrastination in your world! Have a very happy and joyful Christmas Robert and Kathy!

  4. I don’t procrastinate either! 😉 We wouldn’t have a tree if it weren’t for my granddaughter being here. A wait and see attitude allows one to be informed and make informed decisions, right?

  5. HAHAHAH! It is not procrastination for today, it is careful planning for tomorrow. This just made me smile.

  6. Alice Nine

    Love it… I don’t procrastinate, I just reschedule. Merry Christmas to you and yours… blessings all around!

  7. Terje

    Love your idea. I’m not a procrastinator either. I did my shopping yesterday. My kids are making cards today. I know what I will bake for Christmas. Everything is under control. Have lovely holidays!

  8. I should just admit it, I am a procrastinator. But one of my fondest Christmas memories is the year we waited to put up the tree on Christmas Eve. We had a beautiful, majestic Noble fir bought at a bargain as one of the last trees on the lot.

  9. This was a great structure for a post. I tend to be what I call a “productive procrastinator.” I don’t do what I’m supposed to do, but I accomplish all sorts of other things instead.

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