An Early Christmas Present


As I have mentioned in a previous post, this coming Spring Kathy and I are taking a trip to New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji.  We were just not sure when the trip would be.

We have two friends who told us about the trip because they booked it.  Kathy and I discussed it and decided we would like to make the trip as well.  Kathy had a uncle, now deceased, who lived and worked in Australia and she had always wanted to go there.

Anyway, we went to the travel agency’s web site to book the same tour as our friends.  Unfortunately, there was only one seat left on that tour.  We still wanted to go so we decided to book the trip that left a week earlier.

We told our friends and they contacted their tour guide.  The guide got in touch with us and told us we would be placed on a waiting list.  We didn’t expect there to be any changes so we were content with going earlier.

Yesterday while we were eating dinner the phone rang.  It was the tour guide.  She told us that one person had to cancel because she needed surgery and the doctor would not clear her for travel.  That meant that there was one seat now available plus the one that was still available.  Did we want those two seats?  You bet.  We will now be going on the same tour as our friends.  I am sorry for the woman who had to cancel and hope her surgery goes well, but I am happy for us.

Sometimes things just work out!


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11 responses to “An Early Christmas Present

  1. Woohoo! Sometimes, things work out they way they are supposed to. I am sad someone is too ill to travel, but celebrate your good fortune. I can hardly wait to read about your adventures Down Under.

  2. lindabaie

    Hurrah! Serendipity at its best, or higher powers watch over you or ? I loved seeing about your previous trip, will now look forward to further adventures from your travelin’ show!

  3. Oh, that was lucky for you! And for us…now we will have the pleasure of reading all about another exciting adventure for Kathy and you!

  4. Exciting for you! Safe travels.

  5. Your trip sounds so exciting…and going with friends makes it even better! Can’t wait for your next travelogue!

  6. That’s is fantastic! So happy for you. Safe travels and I’m looking forward to your travelogue.

  7. What an exciting trip! And you get to go with friends! Have a wonderful time!

  8. Exciting – so glad it worked out!

  9. So much fun travel for you! So glad that you can share your adventures from gallivanting around. Hopefully the person who was unable to go will soon be on the mend!

  10. Sometimes good things DO HAPPEN to good people 🙂 !

  11. Some things are indeed meant to be. I wish a speedy recovery for the poor soul who could not go, but lucky you. Enjoy and of course can’t wait it see the pictures!

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