On to Zambia

After breakfast at the Saxon we boarded the buses an headed back to the Johannesburg airport.  It was time to leave South Africa and travel to Zambia, Livingstone, to be exact.  It was an hour and a half flight on British Airways.

I will say that arriving at the airport was a little unnerving because there were armed soldiers walking around the airport.  This was election day in Zambia and people weren’t too sure as to how things would turn out.  Sound familiar? This, however, was a welcome sight.  This little guy was cute.


We collected our bags, boarded another bus, and headed to the Royal Livingstone where we would spend the next several days.

The Royal Livingstone is located right next to the Zambezi River.  Victoria Falls is a five minute walk from the hotel.  Anyway, here is our greeter dressed in his traditional tribal garb.


Our rooms each had their own deck.  We were told, however, to make sure the doors to the outside were closed and locked at all times because of these guys.


Apparently the baboons  knew there was sugar in the rooms and they knew how to open the sliding doors.  They would also steal whatever they wanted.  One woman, not in our group, told us she one had a baboon steal her malaria pills.

I don’t know about you, but at our house we often step out the door and a squirrel or chipmunk on our lawn.  At the Royal Livingstone if you came out in the morning it was not unusual to find this grazing on the lawn outside your door.


We were told to stay clear of them because they liked to kick.

One day Kathy and I were taking a walk.  We met one of the workers at the place and he asked us to follow him.  Here is what he showed us.

The giraffes live on the grounds as well as the zebra and impala.  Twice a day they feed the animals and people can come to watch and see,  We were getting a private showing.  This gal doesn’t mind if you get close to her as she eats.

I just love how they seem to blend into the surrounding area.


Of course these guys wanted some food as well.



Here are some pictures of the hotel and grounds.  You can see the Zambezi River in the background of some of the pictures.

One afternoon we took a boat ride on the Zambezi.  Here is the kind of boat we were on. We had the first deck reserved for our group.

Here are pictures of the Zambezi taken from the boat.

Sunset on the Zambezi was beautiful.

Of course, there was food served.

There was also music and dancing as we headed back to dock.

Next week – Victoria Falls.


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14 responses to “On to Zambia

  1. Such great pictures. What a treasure to collect them to tell your story! ❤

  2. Did you ever see the movie The African Queen? It came to mind as you told this part of your trip. Your adventure was much more luxurious than Bogart & Hepburns!

  3. Next time I see a chipmunk skitter from the shrubs to the ivy, I will remember the photo of the zebras, giraffe, and thieving baboon on the hotel lawn! What a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to read about Victoria Falls next week.

  4. Oh, those animals! Love all the pictures. It’s hard to imagine being so close!

  5. lindabaie

    I can’t believe you were so close to Victoria Falls too! What a marvelous trip you had. Looking out the window at those animals, must have been delightful. Thanks again for sharing your trip!

  6. What an amazing gift to get so close to those animals.

  7. What a dream come true trip! You were fulfilling my bucket list of animals to see in the wild. Can’t wait for the next stop!

  8. Wow…what a visual feast! I am amazed at the scope of all you saw, did, and experienced.

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