A Busy Day


Today was a busy day, at least for me.  It all started when my alarm went off at 4:45 this morning.  This is not a usual wake-up time for me.  However, since we had to be in Reading, an hour and a half away for 8:30 I had to get up and moving.

We figured it would be easier to get clean up and dressed first because that way we could wait a bit on breakfast and hopefully it would then last longer.  The beasties were none too happy about this because they would have to wait for breakfast as well.

We got cleaned up, fed the cats, had breakfast ourselves and were ready to leave by 7:00.  Two hours might seem like a long time to get ready, but don’t forget that I am still not moving at top speed.

We were in Reading by 8:15 so we had plenty of time to get to our first stop, the immunology center.  We had an appointment to speak with someone about what shots we would need for our Africa trip.  We spent about an hour there answering questions and speaking to the nurse.  She was very thorough in going over what we needed and why as well as things we could do to protect ourselves while over there.  Most of the shots we need we can get through our family doctor .  The only shots we got today were for typhoid.

After that we went to the radiology center because I was scheduled for a chest x-ray before seeing my surgeon.  Since we were early, we had to wait a bit until it got closer to my scheduled time.  Around 10:30 I was finished so it was off to see my surgeon for 11:15.

He took me in early so I didn’t have to wait.  He was well please with my progress over the last month.  I still find it hard to believe that it was only 4 weeks since I was cut open.  The good news was that he lifted the ban on driving.  I no longer need to have Kathy cart me around although she never complained about doing it.  the doctor also discharged me as his patient so no more trips to Reading for doctor appointments.  The only doctor I need to see is my family doctor who also happens to be a cardiologist.

By now it was 11:30 and I was hungry.  A stop at Applebee’s was next.  We like their 2 for $20.00 meal deal.  We even brought half home for dinner either today or tomorrow.

Now since we were in Reading and since we had to pass Barnes & Nobel to get home, the car just naturally turned itself into their parking lot.  We spent a good hour looking around and then since we didn’t have any coffee this morning I suggested we get something at their cafe.  We did.

Then it was time to head for home.  I admit I was a bit tired by now.  When we got home I just had to test my driving skills to see if I still remembered how to drive so we took a trip to the grocery store.  This time I drove Kathy.  I drive a bit differently than I did, but it felt good to be behind the wheel.

We came home and I debated taking a nap or posting.  You can see what choice I made.

I know that I will sleep well tonight after the day I had.


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35 responses to “A Busy Day

  1. Bob,
    That’s my normal wake up time but your day sure seemed BUSY! Have you gotten to the Deaver and Coban books yet! Loved Deaver’s Steel Kiss if that’s the one you have waiting! ❤

  2. “the car just naturally turned itself into their parking lot”
    My car does this sometime, too.
    I am glad to hear the doctor thinks things are progressing well. I was tired after all the things you had to do and I probably would have opted for the nap!

  3. What a day! So glad to read that the doctor released you to your family doctor and you can drive. You are making great progress! Keep it up, you will need that energy for your trip.

  4. Wow, an upcoming trip to Africa – how exciting! My car wants to turn into Barnes & Noble, too!

  5. I see you posted instead of napped. Okay for today, but please make sure you’re resting a lot so you can continue to make steady progress.

    That said, it takes me two hours to get out to go anywhere every single day. And I am not recovering from heart surgery. What does that say about me?

  6. rosecappelli

    So glad you had good news today, Bob! Continue to rest and heal. There will be lots to do for your trip in the months ahead I’m sure.

  7. One of my favorite lines: “Now since we were in Reading and since we had to pass Barnes & Nobel to get home, the car just naturally turned itself into their parking lot.” Yay!! I’d be exhausted after doing all that, and I didn’t have heart surgery. Rest well!

  8. A nap does sound good after your busy day! So glad to hear you are doing so well. I am sure it is nice to be back driving! Take Care!

  9. Amy

    I’m glad you posted after such a busy day! Of course, the trip to Barnes & Noble and Applebee’s is a well-deserved reward. Glad to hear your doctor could see you early and you are on a great road to recovery. Now it’s time to rest! ~Amy

  10. I’m so glad you can drive again-that must mean the doctor thinks you are doing great; and it will be such a stress reliever not to have to take those long trips to the specialist. My car turned into the public library this afternoon…many books but no tasty coffee!

  11. Judy C.

    So happy to hear of your release from the Dr. & can now drive. Just be sure to take it easy and don’t over do! You will need lots of rest before your exciting trip. Who could pass up stopping at B & N?

  12. All the day’s errands ended with good things. I’m very glad for you, Bob, that you were released back to the family doc, that you can drive again, and that your car “just naturally turned itself into their parking lot” of B & N. Time for R & R (to me, that’s relaxing and reading)! Happy times. I am excited to hear all the trip stuff, too!

  13. Wow Bob, what a day you had. I was up around the same time and all I had to do was get to my mammogram by 9. I was up way too early for that. But it’s so good to hear that you have the green light to leave for your African adventures. Can’t wait to hear about your trip. 🙂

  14. Such a busy and good day! Glad you got good news. Hope you get the anticipated good night’s sleep, too.

  15. I hope you get some rest after the busy day you have had…but hey! You get to drive now! Glad that your appointments went well and that you have the first shot in the series you need for your adventure in Africa. Now must go because I hear one or both of my kitties getting into some sort of mischief in the kitchen.

  16. I’m checking in late here. Wow…you had quite a busy day. Many super healthy people don’t do 1/2 as much as you seem to do in an average day.
    Glad you’re up and about, but I do hope things slow down a bit for you. Rest is important for the kind of recovery you are going through.

  17. So glad that all is progressing well. What a super busy day tho. Funny how those cars can pull into book stores on their own! My husband couldn’t drive for a month before and after his pacemaker and since I don’t drive much at all, we had his daughter as chauffeur. Certainly glad he is back to driving!

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