A Tiring Week


Kathy and I keep an erasable calendar on our refrigerator so that we know what is going on for the month.  I took a look at just this week and sighed.  Just looking at what was happening tired me out.

Easter Sunday – As we do for most holidays, we took a rid to my brother’s.  Our family seems to gather there on special occasions.  It is always an enjoyable afternoon and one we look forward to.

Monday – Because we sold the house in Shenandoah, we had to be there for 10:00 so that the water company could do a final meter reading for us.  Not a major problem, but it did mean getting up by 7:00 to be ready to leave by 9:00 so that we were there before the water company person arrived.  We did come straight home afterwards.

Today we had the house closing so that meant getting up and being in Schuylkill Haven, a 40 minute ride, for 10:00.  After closing, which took all of 15 minutes, it was a trip to AAA since that is where we had house insurance.  We talked with someone about canceling the policy since we no longer needed it.

After that we had to celebrate the selling of the house.  What better way than lunch at Hoss’s Steakhouse.  I was a bit careful in that I had tilapia and rice pilaf instead of a steak and baked potato.

After lunch we took a trip to the post office in Shenandoah to let them know that we no longer owned the house and any stray mail should be sent to our Hegins address.  We then took a quick trip to the cemetery whee Kathy’s mom and dad are buried.  Kathy wanted to and I totally understand why.

Wednesday – we get to stay home because it is my day for the visiting nurse to come and check me out.  I should get some rest tomorrow.

Thursday  am scheduled for an echo cardiogram in Reading, and hour and 15 minute drive.  At least it is not until 11:00 so I don’t need to get up too early.  Of course, since we need to go to Reading and it will be lunch time by the time the appointment is over we will have to find a place to eat.  Oh the hardship!  This also means that we will just have to stop at Barnes & Noble.

Friday we are off to Bedford Springs for a PCTELA (Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English and Language Arts) Board meeting.  Any other year I might have begged off, but since I am chair for this year’s conference in October I figure I had better be there.  We will get home some time on Sunday.

It is no wonder I got tired just looking at the calendar.  Oh well, I only have one appointment the following week so hopefully things will settle.



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17 responses to “A Tiring Week

  1. At least most of your running around is for doctor appointments and you do get to enjoy a meal or more out. You can rest up next week when you only have one slice to write.

  2. I love the fact that you’ve bookended the appointment with a nice meal and access to good books. 🙂

  3. I meant to say at least it’s not for doctor appointments. See what happens when I’m not feeling well, I can’t type and think.

  4. I have some appointments happening when all I want to do too is stay home & putz around. I imagine you know what I mean. I too think your “going out” is a good thing because of the meals out. Maybe I should re-think what I do “after” my appointments? This may cost me a bit! Enjoy the time tomorrow, though, & the rest of the week sounds good too. Bookstores always make me happy!

  5. rosecappelli

    It made me tired just reading your post! I didn’t know you were chairing the PCTELA conference! Lynne and I are doing a breakfast (I think). I can sympathize completely with that – I chaired the KSRA Conference last year!

  6. Amy

    I can see why you are so tired! You need to get a smaller calendar so you can’t fit so much in a day…well, maybe that would work. Take it easy anyway!

  7. Judy C.

    Sometimes it seems that everything is scheduled for the same week. At least you will get to enjoy some delicious meals.

  8. Good thing you got to celebrate! Wow – super busy week. You deserve to rest up now.

  9. Phew! That’s a great deal of busy-ness! Make sure you pick up a relaxing read at Barnes & Noble. Maybe the calendar will clear out a bit after this week. It seems to come in cycles around here.

  10. Probably best not to think about the whole week and just do one day at a time. When I have an agenda like that I become a bit anxious. Most of it sounds not terribly challenging…just tedious. Treat yourself well whenever you can which is what you seem to be doing. That should help. And by all means, take next week off!!!

  11. I understand your thinking! I totally felt like that today at work. Every day there is something and then administrators are trying to double-book me. I hate that. I am way too involved. This is what needs to be changed for next school year. I have to work on saying “No!”

  12. It sounds like you will get some rest tomorrow before the big push. I hope. The house selling is taking up time, but will be a load off soon. I’m glad that you and your wife can do so many of these things together.

  13. Although I used to love a busy calendar, the older I get, the more I dislike it. Thank goodness for the perk of lunch out!

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