After 13 years, we have finally sole Kathy’s mom’s house.  We have been taking care of it since she died 13 years ago.  Up until 5 months ago, Kathy just wasn’t ready to let it go.  I did not push the issue because I know that you have to be mentally ready to say good-bye before placing a house on the market.

The house did have some drawbacks.  First of all, it was a row home in a town that has been declining for years.  No one lives in the house attached to one side and that house is falling down.  In face, we didn’t think the house we had would sell because of that.

Tomorrow is closing day.  That means we no longer have to pay insurance on an empty house.  We don’t have to pay high heating bills for the winter.  The house has electric heat and only one thermostat. We don’t need to worry about traveling 40 minutes after a snowstorm to make sure the sidewalk in front of the house is cleared and ice free.

Because of location and conditions we are not getting top dollar for the property.  What we are getting, though, is peace of mind that we no longer have to worry about the house.


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13 responses to “Sold

  1. Your peace of mind is worth it! Glad someone else can make that house a home.

  2. Definitely peace of mind trumps pocketful of cash. Of course the cash would be nice, but hopefully the new owners see potential and will bring the house back to life.

  3. It does hurt to say goodbye to places that hold memories; but it sounds like this sell will make things easier in the long run. I can’t imagine that 40 minute drive to shovel sidewalks-that must have been rough!

  4. Judy C.

    Even tho it’s hard to say good bye to a home that has an attachment, the peace of mind will be well worth it. There will always be memories.

  5. Peace of mind is priceless.

  6. Wise of you to wait until your wife was ready. And now neither of you will miss the headaches and you can spend that time and money on more interesting things. Congratulations!

  7. Lisa

    Not having to worry about it anymore will be a relief. I agree with Adrienne!

  8. What Adrienne said. What a relief this must be for you!

  9. What a load off! It was kind of you to wait until Kathy was ready. Enjoy the peace of mind.

  10. Amy

    Yes, it is difficult to say good-bye and move on, but it sounds like the timing is right. I have a feeling you will now have a sense of relief.

  11. It must be a huge load off your minds, and yet, still it is a goodbye. I know when we finally sold my husband’s mother’s home (always his home from birth) it was hard not to think of all the good times there. I’m glad Kathy is ready. The peace of mind, less expense, and a little bit of cash will be nice for that wonderful vacation coming.

  12. What a loving husband. I lost my Mom 8 years ago and I still miss her. I can so understand Kathy holding on. So glad she is able to move forward.

  13. It is difficult to have two houses…especially if the one is empty. I am glad you understood about waiting until Kathy was ready to sell her mother’s house. We still have my Uncle Frank’s house, but use it as a semi-cottage. It is just in a place that lots of people don’t want to visit. 🙂 That is where we are this week….cleaning it up for the summer….so many of those Japanese Beetles and wasps! That is why I have not written any posts. Enjoy yourself now without the extra time and money it took for taking care of the house. It is like a new freedom.

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